Hung, Stacked and Ready to Sock it to Me!


This weekend was a good Parita refresher weekend.  Two and a half black bags later, my closet got a good dose of pick me up.  Best part, I got to donate my clothes, double whammy!  Now this morning when I walked into my closet, it felt like an AWWHHH moment. My clothes were organized, hung in the perfect order, stacks lined up perfectly and gave off a aromatic smell (I sprayed nothing, potentially the aroma of clean, fresh, full and bouncy air) like no other.  Something so simple really did make my day go a lot more fab a dab!  So ladies and gents, give yourself a couple of hours and give yourself this treat… do a deed and show you care and share your old clothes and start fresh, because we deserve it! It’s like getting a new boyfriend/girlfriend. You get to find all these new little things, experimenting, loving, hating… you feel me!

With Fall fashion in full swing, one of my fav looks this season is def the cutesy patootesy shorts AND thigh high socks with ultra fab ankle boots!  Best place to get some good quality knee high or thigh high socks, American Apparel.  They never let me down!  Because I love to keep uncomfortably warm, I like to pair up socks with a lighter shade pantyhose. Check out the looks below, me likey! Ohh Carrie Bradshaw, you will forever be fashion inspiration.

Heart, star.

Source: via Jessica on Pinterest

Source: via Lydia on Pinterest

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