con·sign·ment – kənˈsīnmənt


Consignment (coonn/sig-mant <~my French fancy way of saying it) shopping has kind of taken over my closet lately. Each visits tends to result in a fun find, one of a kind garments and of course always fabulous mania! I really believe each piece has a story, every little detail slowly becomes one of a kind over time, delicate and what I’ve noticed when I wear my fancy pieces I get complimenta’s galore aka each piece demands attention! And you know what? That’s what we should all be like, no matter what we’ve been through, who we’ve met, what we have done, we are perfect the way we are and it may not have to be as loud as crazy yellow pants but we can be the perfect black cardigan that constantly gets appreciated. We are amaze balls!

With that being said, a classic look like detailed embroidery, never lets you down. Such perfectness brought together. Stitches, pearl, beads and sequins oh my!!!!! Who wouldn’t want all those things on one garment! I heart this sweater, its warm and cuddly and yupp DEMANDS ATTENTION. Work it girl!

Ladies and gents, if you want to have some fab fall/winter pieces I recommend investing in some embroidered pieces. Elegant, sexy, VA VA VOOM and just plain old OHH HAYYY!

Heart, star.

Source: via Mamie on Pinterest

Source: via Aarti on Pinterest


Source: via Kirby on Pinterest

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