Gosh Golly Darn i’m Sparkling!


I wore this ultra chic sweater this weekend and gosh golly darn I just love it.  It was just screaming i’m fabulous.  As I was strutting my stuff and working it I love the fact that I knew that there was no one else that could be rocking the same sweater as me! IMPOSSIBLE!  With all this bling on my shoulders it was kind of hard not to feel a tad bit celebrityish! Black skinny pants, stilletos and a smile of course.

Honestly what you wear can really change how you view yourself, how you carry yourself, your confidence and your ohhhh hayyyyy personality!  And let this be a lesson ladies and gents, you don’t need to spend big bucks to get that feeling. Vintage it. You deserve it!

Happy Tuesday! 

Heart, star.

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