This Girl is on Fiyyahhhh! Ariba Ariba Neck Candy time!

Happy Monday lovelies!

My fav fashion accessory time is finally here! It’s just the right amount of nippiness outside that we can wrap our beautiful little necks in garments of joy. Here a scarf, there a scarf, everywhere a scarf scarf! I personally think the saying “bigger is better” definitely takes the cake here. Not only do I love the look but… here’s a little fact about me: no matter what the season I am constantly cold and looking for the heat. BRING ME THE FIYAH! Story of my life! (Cue Alicia Keys: This Girl is on Fiyyyaaahhhhhhhhhhh)

So this is a double whammy for me. Not only do I get to look extremely astonishing, I am always at my preferred body temperature. Praise the Gods! I heart the messy look, love the chunkiness, obsessed with different unmatched texture and colors, basically this is my go. Ohh Fall, thank you for blessing us with your presence again. Fall my little leaves, falllllll!!!!!!!!

Need some ideas on how to wear your scarf: Theres an oldy but goody video at the bottom. Check it out.


Heart, star.

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