Its Finally Mustard Time

I know this mustard trend has been going on for a bit but I just couldn’t jump on it until the appropriate weather made its way around. And well… it finally has. So obviously I had to get me some mustard pants. Yesterday I headed over to my regular go-to for shopping during work hours, because its too convenient, good ol’ Suzy Shier. (Who would’ve guessed? They still constantly surprise me!) They were on sale and I only spent $20! Steal! Now they aren’t the super yellowy orange ones, so I was a tad bit hesitant originally, but the minute I slipped those bad boys on I was craving a hot dog! BAHAHAHAHA <~ one of those jokes that I think was funnier in my head.

Soon as I got home yesterday, I had to do the mandatory with every purchase fashion show. Tried the pants on with numerous outfits, and I must say, to my surprise mustard goes well with a lot of different colors, styles, designs, textures etc. MUSTARD?!?! Its cray, but a staple. Even the boys are doing it! That’s the styles I like, when everyone begins rockin’ it (right down to kids – how cute is that little boy at the botton?!?!? Ohhh muffin!) you know it’s a winner!

Note to self: Just try not to spill ketchup on yourself!

Heart, star.

Source: via Chris on Pinterest

Source: via Kevin on Pinterest

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