Date Night Mush!

I tend to have days of pure mushy-ness where I look at my hubby and realize how freakin’ lucky I am to have him.  The last couple of days have been full of ups and downs, with back to back fun with the Indian calendar full of special days of celebration and a bit of craziness on the other side. Life is definitely full of surprises, but I couldn’t be any happier than where I am right now. And yuppers, it all has to be with my amazing hubba hubba. He really makes everything “tickle me crazy” perfect!

While cleaning out a cabinet today I came across some memories from one of our first dates.  Now knowing him better than ever, i’m sure this wasn’t the funniest thing for him to do, but you would of never second guessed it that night. Over a couple glasses of wine, some music in the background, candles (ohhh la la) we painted our little hearts out on plates at home. Ceramic paint, to be exact. All you have to do is throw it in the oven when your done to set the paint and you can actually eat off of it after. We don’t, as they are our master pieces, but food for thoughts.

Below is my fancy art work. I didn’t share his, as i’m not too sure how much he would appreciate it.  All I can say is there was a theme, three words… Toronto Maple Leafs. Of course.

Looking for a fun date night with the girls or your significant other, head over to an arts store and grab some ceramic paint. It is so easy peasy to do. Blows movie watching night out of the water. Oh hayyy painters!

Heart, star.



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