Ashika Sachdev – Wild Horses

Here’s a fact, I love to sing.  Whether it be at home, in the shower, while cooking, driving, grocery shopping, in the middle of having a conversation with my hubba bubba… that’s just me.  Singing really makes me feel ridiculously happy all over, its insane in the membrane.  Unfortunately my listeners may not find my singing as beneficial as I do (which boggles my mind)!  But I wouldn’t be lining up for American Idol try outs any time soon, I can accept that!

Speaking of American Idol, you may remember Ashika Sachdev from a couple of seasons back when she was still a young little lady, but let me tell you not only is gorgeous as ever but has a killer voice.  She hasn’t given up on her talent since and thank God for that, this girl is on FIYYYAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check out her cover, Wild Horses. Its one of those songs where you get comfy by the fireplace, make a martini, light some candle and do some canoodling!

Happy Wednesday!

Heart, star.

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