Zumba Dancehall

Now besides my Rihanna obsession, we all know I love my Dancehall.  If I hear a faint dancehall rhythm in the background, I can’t help but start moving my bum bum.  Its natural, its in my blood. I still remember my dad listening to Bob Marley when I was young, sneaking our family into Reggae Fest, just pure jammin’. Obviously I had to keep on with the tradition.  Best part of this kinda music, there is usually a specific dance move for each song, sort of like the Macarena in a way. Bahahahahahaha! I can’t believe I just did that comparison.  Check out the picture below, there’s just a few examples. Definitely worth YouTube-ing.

Now Zumba is doing some Dancehall classes! COME ON! How fun is that?  I do these for fun at home, just because. Amaze!

Checksy friends, move your body!!!!!

Heart, star.

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