Oil Me Up

Uggghhhh it’s one of those days where I’ve had a crazy headache. It completely showed up like that weird guest that knocks on your door when you’re in your pyjamas, vegging out and trying to ignore the world yet insisting to stay for dinner. One of those days friends.

I’m the kind of person that refuses to take medication, no matter what! I try to find the natural remedies for anything and everything. So today’s secret remedy: Peppermint Essential Oil. It is my go to for so many things, headaches being on the top of my list. I massaged a couple of drops on the temples of my forehead and the back of my neck and BADAABING BADAABOOM it was gone! It’s like magic, POOF!!! You can pick this up from any natural herbal or food store, trust me you will definitely be thanking me later. šŸ™‚

Don’t mind my scrubby look today, it happens sometimes.

I love you all dearly.

Heart, star.



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