Motivational Mondays!

Well Happy Monday Friends!

On my journey of life I am learning day in and day out so many thought changing realities.  I know i’ve blogged about this before, but after watching Ryan Woods Story it really brought this question back up for me again… What kind of story am I going to live out?

The more I look at life as a whole, I can’t imagine that each of us were put on this earth to live a “regular” life.  This will sound so cliche, but we all are such phenomenal human beings, why should we just settle for plain old living?  We must be here to do something, make some sort of difference whether it be big or small… right?

The more I begin to analyze people, life, lessons, situations I keep being brought to the exact same thing.  We all worry about such mediocre things in life.  We let those things hold us down and prevent us from celebrating another day that we have been given on this earth.  Yes our life may be completely horrible in one aspect, but there are eight million positive things also going on in our life. Why not RELAX, LEAN BACK AND LET IT PASS? (A beautiful quote from Michael Singer)  Lean back, get out of its way and it has to pass, it always does.  I’ve seen it, I’ve been through it, I’ve felt it, so I can guarantee you that it will… and it is the most freeing feeling in the world.

I have gifted myself forgiveness on myself and others, freedom, happiness and most importantly I promise myself that everyday before I go to sleep I have tried to help one unexpected person a day.  It doesn’t have to be life changing action, but the crazy part is even sometimes the smallest things can change a person for a lifetime.

I’ve committed myself to a life of love and Oh nelly it is freeing! Flying like a bird my friends, FLYING!

I love you all dearly. Be grateful. Be happy!

Heart, star.


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