Obstacles, Flopstacles… They got nothing on me!

Over the weekend I came across this mini documentary about Oprah and building her OWN Network.  Now I know the entire world was as shocked as I was when Oprah decided to end her show to start this new Chapter in her life, but what really happened after…?  We all know that it kind of started off slow and then… that’s all I really knew.  But now with my major obsession with her Super Soul Sunday Series and Soulpancakes, I was intrigued to learn more.

After watching the hour and a half special, I left with such a positive outlook on pursuing my dreams, following my heart and truly just inspiring my everyday living.  We all would of assumed that Oprah being Oprah would have no problems building a network. She has obviously built a worldwide name for herself, she knows everyone she needs to know to create and build this new chapter, there is definitely not a shortage of celebrities and everyday people that are anxiously awaiting to be featured on her show, so its got to be a breeze right?

Wrong! Well after watching this, if Oprah has had challenges knowing what she knows and achieving as much as she has, of course we may face some challenges of our own. She openly shares her ups and her downs and the mentality she held when obstacles were thrown her way.  I personally believe that there isn’t enough positive thinking, heal your life, you can make a difference shows out there, let alone networks!  She was starting a whole new genre. Little Miss O has begun igniting flames in souls of all types.  Now that is an accomplishment of its own, not to mention the Emmy that her and her team have won for doing so.

I think this special really does appeal to almost everyone.  No one ever said life would be easy but no one said that we can’t pursue our dreams either.  We are the deiciders of our fate, if we don’t fall into the pressures of life and people thoughts we can achieve our most wildest dreams.  Being grateful is the key, I’m seeing that more and more everyday.

And if you haven’t already, you must check out some Soulpancakes.  I’m sure there will be plenty featured on this blog, but have a looksy for yourself!

I love you all dearly!

Heart, star.



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  1. missybewick says:

    Great post! Hope you’re doing well.

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