Being Pregnant – The Jist and Then Some

So if you follow me on Facebook, you will know the Whoopity Woo fun news that I’m Preggo!!!  If you are like every other woman out there, I think it’s pretty safe to say you understand why I went completely MIA.  Unlike men, when women are set on trying to get pregnant, you can’t think about anything else.  We give all our thoughts and energy to that!  We really do have those biological clocks in us and I swear one day it was like a switch, that was all I could think about and it was so easy for me to make changes that I was struggling to make for so long.   My eating habits drastically changed and without a second thought I said bye bye to alcohol. ( I don’t even remember what a Lychee Martini tastes like anymore.)  When you are trying, it seems like everyone around you is pregnant.  Every woman you see in the mall, the grocery store, at work, facebook, on television you name it!  And you just keep thinking to yourself…. No stress, that’ll be me. And then you wait and wait and wait….  Oh nelly, it’s not a fun game of waiting.  But it finally paid off, so to all the ladies out there I FEEL YA!  Hang in there friends!

I don’t plan to give a play by play action of how it’s been so far, but I’ll give you the jist.  The first three months were hard ones for me.  I was pukey, everything smelt disgusting, looking at leftover food on plates disturbed me, buffets were a no no, I was scared to go out, I was extremely tired,  I slept like there was no tomorrow, besides the washrooms at home everything looked gross. But I was super lucky to have such an amazing husband, he did everything for me.  With all those changes going on the one thing we don’t need is stress and my hubba bubba took on all that for our family. I had nothing to worry about except gagging in public.  Which may seem easy, but noppers… it was not.

The second trimester was a breeze.  I started going to bed a bit later, helping out around the house, I felt really relaxed and really started embracing the baby bump.  This is where I became  addicted to being pregnant.  I love it, I love the feeling, I love knowing what my body is capable of doing, it’s just cray cray.  Some moms I talk to say that this blissful feeling wears off in the third trimester, but I really don’t see that happening.

Now ladies and gentleman, I am now on my third trimester. We just passed 7 months. I can feel Bam Bam moving.  It is the most unreal feeling in the world.  I feel as though I need to clarify something to everyone out there though, when you first feel a kick it is not as magical, twinkly, bells chiming, birds whistling  kinda feeling as we think it would be.   It is shocking, it hurts and it kind of feels like your baby is beating you up inside.  But again, that passes and gets all pretty and sparkly again.  Now feeling my baby kick is my favorite part of the day.  I look forward to it, I wait and wait and wait…. Now the waiting game has become a fun one.

Heart, star friends.

I love you all dearly!

Here are some pictures of bump in progress.


kissingtummy 4 months BamBam Will & Lisa's Wedding 037 world photo 4[1] shrimant

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