Easy Five Minute Smokeyish Eye Makeup Trick!

Well hello there lovelies!

Now I don’t know if it’s because Fall is here and the mornings are dark but I can’t seem to get myself out of bed on time anymore.  I’m valuing my sleep more than beautifying my eyes with eyeliner and covering up my imperfections with concealer and powder in the morning.  That extra 15 minutes of sleep seems sooo much more magical.

But… I’m also a firm believer that when you look fabulous you feel fabulous and your day goes that much better.  So I had to find a happy medium.  Drum roll please, I think I found it!  It’s easy, breezy and I love the effortless look it creates!

All you need are three very in expensive things to make this simple smokeyish eye happen.  You can start thanking me now!

Not going to lie, I sometimes throw this look together at my desk within 2 minutes when no one is looking.  That’s how quick it is.  Now my skin is not naturally even, so a little help is required.  I throw on some moisturizer, under eye MAC pot concealer and MAC Studio Fix powder as a base.  (That takes about a minute to do.)

Next, the eyes!  Take a makeup brush.  I used the one below that I got for free with a makeup kit.  But anything with softer bristles will do.

1)      Take a handy dandy Kajal eyeliner, rub the brush on the tip and apply as an eye shadow. You can make it as dark or light as you want. 

2)      Using the same Kajal,  apply it in your waterline.

3)      Apply mascara and you are done! 

To all my peeps that don’t know what Kajal is, it has been used for years in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa.  Not only was it used for beautifying but is also said to protect and strengthen eyes, provides sun protection and some even say it helps to grow eyelashes.  Why wear eyeliner every day, when you can use this bad boy instead?   Kajal has caught on here as well, you can now find Kajal liners by Givenchy, Bobby Brown, Lise Watier, Stila…. I can keep going.  I prefer the one from my local Indian grocery store though.  It’s cheap, usually the most NATURAL and DOES NOT contain led, which is something you need to be careful for when purchasing. 

I use Himalaya Herbals, Kajal Extra Smooth Herbal eye-definer.  I provided some additional info on this specific product below.  Read the ingredients, its AMAZING!

So happy sleeping friends, I hope this helps and you can grab a couple of extra ZZZZ’s!  Who said beauty had to come at a cost!

I love you dearly!

Heart, star.

kajal1 kajal2 kajal3


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Isabel says:

    Pari – looks awesome! I’m on it! Did you get the Himalayan brand at your Indian store? Xo

    1. Parita says:

      I got it awhile back, but honestly most indian grocery stores have it right behind their cash register!

      You will love the easiness of it Isa!!!


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