The World is Your Runway


I had one of those days yesterday, where I began going through my closet and realized how many fab Royal Blue pieces I have.  Even in a closet full of random clothes not organized in any sort of way, that gorgeous blue always seems to compliment all the other surrounding pieces.

It’s so gorg, that it has been claimed part of royalty!  Have you heard of royal pink or royal orange?  Nope, because only blue gets that luxury baby! I would say, my favorite meshing of colors this season would have to be royal blue with beiges and golds.  They just bounce and balance off each other so perfectly.

Naturally I’ve decided that this will be my Fall go to this season, it is perfect for any kind of weather, it looks good on any skin color, makes you feel good and can be an asset to any “almost perfect outfit”.  Feeling blahhh, WHABAAM throw on some Royal Blue and spice it up. Check out the toque pic below, even the smallest hints make a big difference to a regular joe shmoe or plain jane outfit.  If you look at yourself in the mirror and think nahhhhhhh this doesn’t match, work it!!!  The world is your runway.  Start your own trend!  It always works, trust me. For me I notice sometimes, the less thought and effort I put into an outfit, the more compliments I get.  My motto has always been its kinda ugly-pretty… it works!  Sounds crazy I know, but that thought process has got me out of a lot of pickles!

Ummmmm pickles…. Pregnancy brain… what can I say!

What are some of your fall go-to’s this season?  I love to hear from you guys, keep the emails coming!

Heart, star. xoxo

royalblue1 royalblue2 royalblue3 royalblue4 royalblue5 royalblue6


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