Oversized Chunkyness – Painting our Sexy Canvas!

With everything going on with me right now, I have had some crazy shifts back in forth.  Now it looks like I’ve gone back to my original fun artsy roots.  If you haven’t noticed that already, lol!  Yesterday while talking on the phone to my BFF, I wound up in an art store buying some acrylic paints, a canvas…. All just because. To paint up a storm, why not?!?! Then I started thinking to myself, life is like a canvas.  It is whatever we make out of it.  We are all given this blank white surface the day we are born and we decide the colors, the texture, the depth… we paint our own painting.  I can go super deep right now as I think more and more about how I want to raise my child and the belief system I want them to know, but I think I will save that for another post.  Today its all fashion baby! We will save that for a deep day…

So I took that same thought process and started thinking that we don’t have to use this only for life as a whole, but why not everyday living… the little things.  The way we paint our canvas of a house, the way we paint our canvas of the mind, the way we paint our canvas of our sexy sexy bodies!!! OHHHH HAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

The more and more celebs I look at, Pinterest, street fashion and magazines I noticed one thing that never gets old are beautiful, chunky jewelry.  You can wear a plain old boyfriend t-shirt, leggings and throw on a necklace and it just changes it from boring to stylish.  Weird to Hey Girl hear me ROOARRRR!  Very RiRi-ish.  Yes I still do love her, despite the dirty-ness going on lately!  Blahhh to Rah Rah!!!! Change classy to sassy, woot woot!!!! Hey hey sassy pants! (Natty that was for you J)

So friends, we are all gorgeous and beautiful canvas’.  Paint yourself.  Did I just steal that from How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days??!? No wait… its Ice Yourself. I just had a whole conversation by myself, lol.  You get the point.

I love you all dearly!

Heart, star.

Parita  xoxo

photo  bigj9bigj2 bigj3 bigj4OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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