I always get emails from people asking me how do I stay so positive.  Well my friends, it ain’t easy all the time.  It really isn’t.  Especially when the people around you are not feeding your soul happy thoughts and positive goodness.  When these unfortunate times come I look at it as the Universes way of testing us if we are up to a new challenge, a little “hellllooo just making sure you are awake down there”.

And then I have those days, where I just say WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY? (in a really whiny voice) I don’t get it…. Then I think to myself, okay, breath… I can deal with this.  It’s nothing. It never really is.   I decide my destiny. Good ol’ Law of Attraction.  I bring the good to me, because we all know no one else will do it. Right?!?  I’m not going to start preaching The Secret, by now we all know what it is.  So today, I thought I would make it a simple post and flood the blog with a whole bunch of I’m strong, hear me ROOOOOAAARRRR thoughts.  Because sometimes we have those days that we need to remind our self how AMAZING WE ARE and WE CAN DO AND BE WHO EVER THE HECK WE WANT TO!!!


Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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