Glow Baby Glow!

Well well well, looks like little Miss Monday is back again.

Surprisingly I’m not despising today as much as I usually do.  I’m okay, I’m doing good, I may even dare to say I’m happy.  Crazy right?!?!

I know, I know we have all heard about the craze of Wheatgrass for the last couple of years.  Now when I use to go on my health freak attacks, I would find myself driving to Booster Juice to get my Wheatgrass fix.  I still remember the first time I tried it, I thought that it kind of tastes like the smell of freshly cut grass.  If that makes sense?  You know the taste of a smell…  It does.

It really is a quick, WHABAAM! In and out in two seconds!  And honestly, I swear I felt a burst of lasting energy.  It’s kind of like gulping down a massive Gatorade or Powerade.  Yehhhawww!!!!  I’m feelin’ good!

Now we all are about convenience, I was introduced to the magical Dynamic Greens site a couple of months ago.  Yes I read the information online, yes I saw the pictures and yes I saw the YouTube video but for me to be sold on anything I had to see it with my own eyes.  What did I do?  Drove to the farm.  Let me tell you, first of all we got a complete tour of how the process works from the seeds, to growing the wheatgrass, flash freezing and packaging to distribution. We literally picked the wheatgrass off the farm and ate it straight from Mother Nature herself.  It was a pretty unreal experience.  And can I tell you, it was delicious.  You can actually taste the freshness in there.  Naturally I had to grill them with questions while we were there (FYI this is not a big production, family owned business – the gentleman we sat down with actually began growing this for his wife when she was diagnosed with Cancer).  We were invited into their home, sat at the table and sipped Wheatgrass out of wine glasses.  It was fancy shmancy!  I was educated to the tee, I learnt so much more additional information about Wheatgrass it was insane. Did you know (information taken straight from the site):

  • 1 fl. oz. of wheatgrass      juice is equivalent to 2½ pounds of the choicest vegetables (COME ON!)
  • wheatgrass is mineral rich and contains 92 minerals needed by the body
  • it is a complete protein containing 20+ amino acids and has higher protein densities than any other food source
  • the magic is in the enzymes with more than 30 found in the juice
  • the juice is 70% chlorophyll and since the chlorophyll molecule is virtually identical to hemoglobin (red blood cells that carry oxygen), wheatgrass juice will oxygenate your body

Best part, it’s cheaper ($1.25/ounce) than the other places (because you are buying in bulk) and convenience galore.  And they ship to anywhere in Canada or the United States and it is guaranteed to come frozen.  We always have an ample supply in our freezer!

The morale of the story, be kind to your body.  So if you can start your day with a quick shot of green healthiness that is equivalent to 2.5 pounds of veggies… WHY NOT? Where ever you get it from!

Wheatgrass baby! Do it up!  Glow baby glow.

Your body will feel like magic, you will definitely notice a difference within a month or two or taking it! WOOOHAA!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S Did I mention, I was originally introduced to wheatgrass from Dynamic Greens by people who had cured themselves of Cancer by drinking this little number and declining radiation and chemotherapy treatments?  Obviously they drank a substantial amount more during their healing period, but it worked.  But you don’t have to take my word for it!  (Reading Rainbow quote again!)

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