Poppity Pop Pop

Well as the clothes get tighter and the shirts get shorter, I am trying my best to stay on my “A – game” but I’m to the point of refusing to buy new clothes now.  I’m at the home stretch; I’m working with what I got.  When all else fails and I’m having a day where I feel like BLAHHH, I take a couple extra minutes on my face to spice it up… if you haven’t noticed already from all the most recent posts!

This is something new, I’ve been doing this for a while, but the key is not to overdo it.  This isn’t my every day look.  I pull it out once in a while when the classic liner, or the shadowed eyes isn’t working for me.  The days I’m not feeling “ohhh hayyyyy look at me” ready.  As I was trying to explain to my husby (that’s a new one!) the other day, I’m assuming this is normal for the preggos out there, in the morning I feel like I look as fabulous as can be but come the afternoon I’m not feeling so hot to trot anymore.  Maybe it’s the discomfort that tends to grow throughout the day, but it’s a big difference.  I go from hot momma to sloppy momma!  So cue in the racy white liner!

You can get this from anywhere, all I recommend is getting a softer pencil so you are not scrapping the heck out of your eyes.  I’m using the same Rimmel pencil from my Scandalous Eyes BlogPlease note: I am not a fan of the liner look alone, I beg of you pleaseee throw put on some mascara to your  bottom lashes once you have applied the liner to the waterline. It gets rid of the clumpy whiteness on the lashes.  Even if it’s a light coat, it will do the job!  And by doing this it also gives the effect of wearing a thin black liner.  Even if you do it messy, it works.  Two in one! No clumpiness and more Poppity Pop Pop!!!

So if you are looking for some extra pizzazz, give this a try.  It adds a couple of extra minutes to your morning routine, but I know it will make you take an extra glance in the mirror every time you catch your reflection!  You may even pull out an “OHHH HAAYYY” when no one is looking.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

liner1 waterline1 waterline2 waterline3 waterline4 waterline5 waterline6 waterline7 waterline8 waterline9 waterline10

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