The Update – 33 Weeks and Counting!

So we are now 33.5 weeks into our pregnancy.  This past week has slowed me down a bit, I am plain old pooped.  Every day I am counting down the hours till I get home and change into my pajamas and cuddle with Papa Bear – to be.

I like to do this every couple of weeks, where I Google how far along I am in Bam Bam’s development but note to self, if you start doing this every week it can make you go a bit crazy if you don’t feel a certain way or something isn’t happening. Its second nature to start worrying, but we have to keep in mind that all our bodies are different and we all function differently.  But a women’s body is ohhh so smart, it knows what it has to do to create a beautiful little baby and it is fully equipped to do so.  New Mommy’s need to remind themselves this, we are so smart! Just saying…  So at 33 weeks, Bam Bam is a little over 4 pounds and is about 17 inches tall.  I should be gaining about a pound a week still.  Although I don’t know how much more weight I need to be gaining, I’m already above what the “average women” gains in her pregnancy.  10 pounds over to be exact and I still have about 7 weeks more of gaining to do.  Ohhh my nelly!  The face is definitely filling in more at the cheeks and the arms seem a lot more “muscular” then before.  This again goes back to not looking into everything too much.  My midwife says I’m fine and it isn’t too excessive, so whatevs internet.   We’re good, it’s all gravy and daisies.

As for kicking, it has gone to a whole new level now.  You have to see my belly when Bam Bam is moving.  My tummy actually moves from one side to the other.  You see a punch, then a kick, here a wiggle, there a wiggle, everywhere a wiggle wiggle!  The dancing gene has definitely been passed over. Pappa loves talking to Bam Bam now.  The feeling is becoming more and more real every day.  We are already trying to put Bam Bam in between us as we sleep every night so he/she can feel the love we have.  It’s like a circle of love!!!

Sooo Bam Bam if you ever read this when you are older, know that Daddy and I from day one have treasured every moment with you.  We are already fighting over you, but I’m winning most battles since I got you near and dear right now. But we should let him once in a while, after all he is super cute and awhhhh his face will make you melt.  You’ll see little one, you’ll see.  Daddy will definitely be your hero and your knight in shining armor.  I know that he is mine.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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  1. Jules says:

    Fabulous Parita…what can I saw..I’m obsessed with your blog!!! I feel connected to you and your fabulous ways…keep blogging!!! It gives me something to look forward to eRRday 🙂

    First off…you look absolutely STUNNING as a preggo….I can only imagine that your Bam Bam will be the most beautiful baby EVER…so excited for you guys!!! Do you guys know the sex? Or are you waiting for a surprise?

    I love how much you love Bam Bam and you guys will be the most amazing parents…with the most stylish/gorgeous baby as well 🙂

    I can totally relate to you about reading up on baby development…I’m almost 20 weeks now and have never suffered from any morning sickness/food aversions/moods/emotional roller coasters..I keep asking my doctor…am I actually pregnant??? the only thing that confirms my preggoness is my growing belly…but even still I’m a “skinny” preggo and you can barely tell unless I started rocking some gymnastic spanex…..

    I think the biggest thing I’m overcoming is the shock of finding out about baby…didn’t expect to get preggo till 2014…so….I’m slowly adjusting and loving every minute as baby grows….and also overcoming all the fears/worries that any first time mommy goes through….

    any are amazing and keep blogging…..sending you lots of love and positive energy XO

    1. Parita says:

      Thank you so much Jules!!

      Can you believe we’re both preggo Mama’s together?!?! You are rockin’ the bump my lady! Who would of ever guessed that sexy would be oozing out of us as we have growing bellys? Even if I’m the only one who believes it sometimes, I am working it like a Victoria Secret model on a runway…. Now with a bit of a waddle… LOL!

      As for sex, keeping it a surprise. Have you found out yet?

      I’ve been meaning to ask firstly how’s the shoe addiction? Secondly you still wearing your cray cray heels?

      Miss your face!

      Heart, star.

      Parita xoxo

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