Beanie Alert!!! WOOP WOOP!

I’m sure a lot of you have seen this trend around lately, but I still felt like I should blog about it. The beanie trend, it’s back in full effect. I remember when my parents would scream at me in the winter time to wear a toque because it was so cold outside, but it just wasn’t cool so I would freeze my little ears off. Why couldn’t this be cool back then?!?

This is probably one of the cheapest trends out right now and easy to rock for everyone with any and every outfit. From super duper casual to fancy shmancy pants. It works with everything. Originally when this new look came out I played it safe and bought the easy colors not knowing how much I would actually wear this. So I bought black, grey and navy blue. All which have been rocked by me and hipster hubby many times already. On a side not, hubster got glasses recently so now when he wears the beanies with his ummm hmmmm outfits and glasses, you know the ladies are chasing him with a OHHH HAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!! (He is going to kill me for that one) But he makes the whole get up look so good!

Back to Beanies, I got ours from H&M for less than $7.00. I’ve also seen them at Forever 21 where they have an array of bright colors, the neons, the darkys and the lightys. I think, I just think they may even be cheaper there as well. I personally am I fan of the simple ones myself, there are the jazzed up styles but that doesn’t really toodle my fancy. But to each their own.

Best part, say you wake up and OMIGOD you have to go somewhere and you completely forgot! Your hair is gross and you have no time to fix it or throw on make up, what to do?!?! Throw on a Beanie with big sunglasses (and for the ladies, bright lipstick) and DAANTANANA! You are ready to go!!! Ohh hayyy good looking!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo


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