Two Infinities

It’s all about the little things.  I woke up as happy as can be since today is Frriiidaayyy! Oh how I love me some Fridays.  Today just felt good, you know the days you roll out of bed and you know that it’s going to be a good one. You just feel it in your bones.  I was singing, doing some dancing as I was getting ready this morning – note to self when you try to get your sexy on and whine your bum as a preggo in your third trimester, it just doesn’t look the same as it used to… I learnt that today as I was dancing for myself in the mirror.  I was workin’ it and it just wasn’t the same as it was 35 pounds ago.  Yes I said it, 35 pounds.  But do you think that stopped me?  Heck noooo! Got to get my cardio in!

With all this amazingness going on this morning, I headed to the accessory bin and I accessorized like it was no ones business.  I knew it was a gold shoes day, the entire outfit revolved around that.  I put on my amethyst, citrine and aqua aura quartz necklace to keep the positive vibes going, my oh so chic boho ring and some bracelets.  The best part, I’m rockin’ and rollin’ two infinity scarves today and LOVING IT!  I love the big chunkiness of it, the fact that they are two completely different textures and the mixing and matching of different colors in your closet is endless.  Why didn’t I think of this before?!?!  You got to give this a try!

Just thought I would share my accessorizing ideas with you, because the simplest details sometimes can make all the difference in the world.  Add a little something something…

So todays morale of the story is, say peace out to plain Jane and hello to… ARIBA ARIBA ARIBA! <- That makes no sense at all, but it feels right.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

photo 1





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