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I had the privilege of attending my very first Modern Mama event yesterday afternoon.  The closer I get to “the day” the more it begins to hit me that I am going to be a Mother very soon.  All the women that attended were either pregnant or had just been blessed with little angels.  I couldn’t help but picture myself while looking at the other mothers, thinking Yowsers that’s going to be me soon, am I ready?

Too be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when heading over to my Modern Mama brunch, but I was just excited to hang out with like minded women, drinking tea, sharing stories about our pregnancies, getting tips and ideas… you know the regular.  Well well well, let me tell you it was definitely that and a lot more.  With a lot of pregnant women, we put all our thoughts on getting through the pregnancy and don’t pay much attention to the after part.  And yesterday definitely opened my eyes, I need to realize there’s a lot more I need to start thinking about. You know, bringing the baby home, breast feeding, dealing with family and friends, sleeping habits, our babies sleeping habits, eating, etc.  I could keep going!  You think it would’ve made me uber stressed out, but it actually calmed me down.  Got me thinking for sure, but in the 4 hours that I was there I think it actually prepared me.  Ohhh hayyyyyy, just call me Super Mom… or am I getting a little ahead of myself?! LOL!  Some presenters appealed to me more than others for sure.  Specifically the Homeopathic Doctor and Lactation Counsellor, Taya Griffin and a very down to earth Doula Heather Jones from Bebo Mia.  Both came equipped with Baby in tow as they talk to us about their expertise and really truly opened my eyes that there are so many options once Bam Bam is here.  I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a Lactation Counsellor, did you?!?!

The Owner of Modern Mama, Isabel Lopez Starck is a new mother herself.  She’s really filled a gap for women.  Since she’s been there, done that and still doing it; she simply just gets it.  Sometimes its good to get difference of opinions, our family and friends don’t always have the answers and aren’t up to date on what services are available and what’s new out there. Why not get a group of women together and talk about it? It’s genius.  The swag bags and door prizes are a great bonus!  I ended up leaving with a car seat!  Can you believe it?!?  I couldn’t.  I think I’m still shocked and very very grateful!

So if you are expecting or just had a little bundle of joy I recommend joining the Modern Mama Midtown Toronto group on Facebook and try an event.  I promise you, you’ll leave feeling fabulous and more prepared.  I know it sounds a little cray cray, but it worked for me and I thought I was pretty darn prepared.

Oh and did I mention, each Mama got to do a mini photo shoot where you get a free 5 x 7 picture of yourselves and your belly from Umla Photography!!!  Hello!!!!!  So fun!

Motto of the day:  Treat youself! We all deserve it!

Happy Sunday love bugs.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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