paritaTIME Accessories Boutique!! WOOP WOOP!

Well friends, I got a little something something up my sleeve for you today.  I am launching a paritaTIME Facebook page where you, ladies and gentleman get access to trendy and super fab fashionable pieces individually chosen by yours truly.  Wooooop Wooooop, can you tell how excited I am? A light went off in my head a couple months ago when I noticed people complimenting me on jewelry pieces I was wearing that you either liked on paritaTIME, Facebook or Instagram.  I thought to myself, there has got to be a way to share my love of fashion with all of you out there.  So here we are today!!!

I have done everything possible to ensure that all pieces are good quality and are priced beautifully.  You don’t need to be emptying out your piggy bank to look and feel fabulous or to give the gift of fabulousness.  After all they do say that beauty is skin deep BUT who couldn’t use some fun little add on’s once in awhile right?  Have a looksys at my page and let me know what you think!  Most of the necklaces were bought as individual pieces (unless I felt that I needed to have it myself), so it is first come first gets!  I ship anywhere in Canada or the world for that matter with a tad bit of an added on fee! Feel free to comment or private message me with any inquiries or questions!  I would love to hear any feedback you have and I really hope you enjoy!

There is a lot more coming, but I just couldn’t hold this little secret in any longer!

Tata love muffins.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.S Don’t forget to like my page!

Below: Pink Parrot ~ $30.00

Below:  Baby Boo Foo $25.00

Below:  Kiss the Girl ~ $25.00

Below:  Pretty Metal Petals ~ $25.00

Below: Under the Sea ~ $20.00

Below:  Cinnamon Ivy ~ $20.00

Below: Your Royal Blue Highness ~ $18.00

Below: Pink Lemonade ~ $15.00

Below: Sultry Rainbow ~ $25.00

Below: Blue Navy Daisy ~ $15.00

Below: Skittles ~ $15.00

Below: White Water Woop Woop ~ $30.00

Below: Oh Na Na Whats my Name ~ $30.00

Below: Key Lime Cake Shake ~ $18.00

Below: Imma Princess ~ $30.00

Below: Kiss Me Kiss Me ~ $30.00

Below: Bad Gyal ~ $18.00

Below: Woop There it is! ~ $30.00

Below: De Peache Mode ~ $18.00


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