A Mother’s Conversation with Her Unborn Child

We are getting down to the wire now.  It’s getting close.  Hubba Bubba and I have been going to our prenatal classes for a couple weeks now and it is getting more and more intense every week we go, in a good way.  A lot of people gave us the spiel that the minute we go into labor you forget everything you learn, it’s a waste of time, it will all come naturally… blah blah blah.  I refused to listen to them, and thank God I did.  Instead of the Lamaze classes we hear about everywhere, we are actually taking Hypnobirthing classes instead.  What’s the difference?  Well instead of the hee hee hoo hoo typical breathing techniques, we go through changing a mother and fathers thought process from what most of society has led us to believe and letting the mothers body take its course without hopefully requiring intervention or procedures and having a healthy natural birth.  This class helps your partner to become your birthing partner, you mentor, your backbone.  We rely on each other.  It actually begins to change the bond in relationships as well, strengthening it and intensifies the love for one another. It’s definitely been an experience.

In our last class, this poem was handed out to all the mothers and we went around the room reading a couple lines and by the time we were done, we were all moved.  Especially the last part. This really is a good reminder to all mothers to be what we are capable of and how powerful we are as women.  I can’t believe I’ll be a mother soon. Yay! xoxo

A Mother’s Conversation with Her Unborn Child

I am involved in a wonderful experience.
I am having a baby, and you are that wonderful baby.
I welcome this experience with such happiness.
I can feel the changes taking place in my body.
My womb has become a temple of joy because of you.
I can feel you grow within me, and my body swells with pride.
I love the way I look.
I keep myself looking neat and fresh
I’m taking good care of myself for both you and me.
I’m eating properly for both you and me.
I take pleasure at the thought of your moving inside me.
My life combines with yours in love.
I’m preparing myself for the time when you will be born.
I feel you within me ~ strong and healthy
I’m carrying you with such loving pride.
I feel the exciting bloom of being pregnant.
I have a beautiful glow about me because you’re in my life now.
I nourish you with love and take care of my body.
I’m learning to relax more every day.
I look forward to your birth with such joy.
I am confident about your easy birth.
I’m practicing relaxation so that you can move easily and comfortably into this world.
All doubts are put aside as I look forward to your birth.
I keep my mind calm and peaceful so you can be calm and peaceful.
When you’re born, little baby, I will give you love so that you may grow in love and trust in yourself and others.
I promise to talk to you in such a way that you will listen, and I promise to listen to you in such a way that you will talk.
I will respect your right to be yourself and I’ll try to help you learn to respect the rights of others.
I promise to encourage you to seek answers that will lead you to know and appreciate this wonderful world around you.
I promise to teach you with love and guidance, rather than anger and punishment.
I will teach you, and I will learn from you.
I will provide opportunities for you to help you grow in love and happiness.
I see you, little baby, coming from my womb; and I see you cradled in my arms.
I’m elated at the thought of your coming to me.

Dear Little Baby, I love you.

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Heart, star. xoxo

Parita aka chubby cheeks 🙂

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