Dear Boys – The Undercut is Back!

I had a moment the other day, I started paying more attention to guys’ hair and realized that for the most part guys have the exact same style.  The typical shaved on the sides and faded to the top.  Then a dalop of gel is taken you play with it front and back a couple of times to work it in and then do the spikeyish  kinda thing… BORING!  At least with girls we can spice it up a bit.  We can tie it up, pin it back, curl it, straighten it, we got options when we get bored.  What do you boys do when you get bored? It has to be annoying after a while. Let’s arrange a change!

Well well well, I am here to tell you that after many years of waiting the undercut is back!  I’d like to call it the new and improved modern undercut!  I love it!  And gentleman, it gives you options.  Let me explain.  So the undercut is the same in the sense as it was 15 years ago but it’s been given some spice.  The sides are still shaved pretty close to the scalp BUT the top is long! Like wind blowing in your hair long.  This is where the options come in, you can style it back if you are having a bad boy mafia day, you can style it to the side if you’re feeling David Beckhamy or you can just let it be and let nature take its course. Options people options!

Now here is a warning though, it is not easy to obtain the sexy, “hey girls I’m here” kinda look.  It takes time because you have to let the top grow out, but this blog couldn’t come to you at a better time.  There is going to be an uber uncomfortable, in between ugly stage that you have to go through BUT why not do it up in the Winter when throwing on a beanie is cool and weather worthy?

Just saying, if you were looking for a refresher of coolness, look no further.  Do this! Google images this bad boy!  Find a look you like, take it to the barber and be a little chia pet.  You will be thanking me later.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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