Rockin’ OHH HAYYY Confidently! The time has come!

Tis the season to shop till you drop!  Hubba Bubba and I are all about the last minute shopping but boy oh boy it was not as easy as it usually is.  We took a lot of pit stops through out our adventure, thank God! With a hit of some yummy Icee and a pretzel or two… I was like an energizer bunny ready to go again.  Yes the pretzels aren’t the healthiest food in the world, but the dipping in butter with the sea salt ummm ummm yummy in my tummy.  I was doing it for Bam Bam, I swear!

So despite my slip up today, I have recently learnt that preggo women gain a lot of their weight in the last couple of weeks.  I was never told this vital information, I thought I was rockin’ a pretty good pregnancy weight wise.  Even though I have gained a heck of a lot, I would like to think I was holding it pretty well.  Come last week and this week, its kinda sorta changed.  It’s filling in, filling in quick!

Prior to getting pregnant I was living a pretty healthy lifestyles.  I was overly addicted to fruits and vegetables. Even leaning towards a raw diet. I craved fruits, vegetables and nuts! Well that’s kind of gone done the pooper, but every reflection I’ve been catching of myself is pushing me back to my old ways.  It’s pretty safe to say I have had my cake and ate it too and Ferreros and Revellos and… well I could keep going but you get my point.

On my off time, I use to love going through YouTube videos to see what fun concoctions people would come up with.  I have shared some of my favourites below.  Here’s a warning though, this type of eating (“healthy eating”) begins to get addictive.  Especially when you realize how many delicious foods you can make that are HEALTHY! Sometimes it honestly tastes like your cheating, BUT YOUR NOT! YOWSERS!

Raw fettuccine alfredo? Ice cream? Butter? Come on!!! Feel free to jump on the healthy band wagon at any point guys.  After the holidays are done, we all know we’re going to need this.

P.S The Mean Green Juice is hubbalicious and my favourite.  It is yummy, energizing and has become a necessity in our life.  Give it a trysys!

Be kind to your bodies friends! That’s the only way you can rock the OHHH HAAYYYY confidently!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

pari2 pari1

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