Street Fashion Sundays

I have made an executive decision here on paritaTIME and have decided that from today onwards Sundays in now Street Fashion Sundays.

I know for me,  I need to change up my inspiration.  And to be honest the magazines just don’t do it for me.  For the most part its just too cookie cutter.  I like people who dare to mix textures, wear bright colors, colors that don’t match, beanies with glamour outfits, baggy, bohemian, ugly (yup, I said ugly), different, loud and most importantly whatever represents them.

Cue Google. Search: Street Fashion.  That’s what I do.  What are people doing? What ideas can I steal and add to my closet? What can I pair together?  Honestly if it was okay to dress like a tamed down Harajuku girl here in Canada, I would be all over that bad boy… but lets face it, its not.

Have a look at what I found for my first Street Fashion Sundays.  A little late in the day I know, but next week will be earlier. Promise!

Be you! Dress you! Love you! Who else is going to do it?!?!?

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S  Below is an updated belly picture taken yesterday at my BFF’s birthday!  A little less than two weeks to go guys! Clothing is getting limited, but I worked with what I got.  Just a FYI: my top is usually what I wear as a dress.  Can you believe it!?!?!? It barely covers my BUTTOCKS! WOOPAAA!!!!!


shazia bday

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