The Rachel Zoe Project – Hats, Hats and more Hats!

I have always been one of those girls that wanted to be a hat girl. So anytime I saw a fabulous hat, I’d buy it. Then it would sit in my closet or behind my door. As the years Went by they would slowly collect, one after the other after the other. Every closet makeover that I did I would refuse to get rid of any of them incase one day that opportunity would come where the perfect hat was needed.

The other day I happened to catch one of those handy dandy tv marathons. Sex and the City you think? Surprisingly nope. The Rachel Zoe Project. To be honest, up until that day I didn’t even know this show existed. But after a couple of 1 hour episodes, I was pot committed, I was not moving. I loved her fashion, her cute little boy, how much she values her family and that time with them and… Wait for it… Her hats. She rocks them all the time with big sunglasses. By the end of my 6 hour marathon I was patting myself on the back for all my hat purchases. She honestly wears them with any and every outfit and it works. So my dear readers a word or warning, I think one of my new 2014 looks will be hats and shades.

Check out the inspiration below, it looks so effortless but sexy. Something about it just toddles my fancy. # winning 🙂

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo











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