Come Out and Play Bam Bam!


Monday is back and still no baby!  Hubby and I were convinced that this was the weekend, but I think we are slowly learning who is now calling the shots in the house, already! Geez!

From Friday to Sunday night there was a lot of rubbing and talking to the belly from Daddy-O. We got lots of kicking but apparently I am just too warm and cozy inside.  Now, I have to admit we are getting a little ahead of ourselves, because our actual due date is this week… so we are actually running on time but the wait has become borderline obsession now. Too be honest, everyday we talk about how quick this pregnancy flew by us.  Women tried to warn me to embrace every moment, but you don’t believe it until after you live it.  9 months felt like 2 months, no lie!  BUT this last week has felt like a decade.

The anticipation of what you will look like, will you be a bald baby like me or have beautiful locks like your dad, will you recognize us as soon as we meet face to face, whose voice will you react to first, finally seeing your tiny hands and feet that have been poking me and demanding attention at random times in the day… I could go on forever.

In my boredom of waiting of course I ended up on YouTube trying to convince my husband that maybe I could dance Bam Bam out.  And apparently there are a lot of women that think the same way.  Now I’m a closeted Twerker.  I would never in a million years do it in public, but whenever I get a chance in front of my husband, I have no qualms putting my hands on my knees, bending over and twerking it with all I got. 9 months and all.  He hates it, wait wait he despises it with a passion.  <- if that’s possible!  It’s now just become something I do to bother him.  In the first couple of months he was convinced that this motion must be hurting the baby, how cute his hubbalicious?!?!  Below is a video we both thought was hilarious and I thought I would share.  I’m all about the cray cray and ridiculous dancing, that may or may not look the best.  Her moves are totally something I could see myself doing, just because it looks nuts!  Hey if you feel good doing it, give it all you got! 

Time to dance, talk to you later! 

Happy Monday!

Parita xoxo

P.S How cute is the fortune cookie I got this weekend? The signs are everywhere, we are near!!!!


fortune cookie

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