Our Birthing Story


She has arrived! I would like to welcome to the world Angelina Bianca Jaldevi! Weighing in at 8.64 lbs and 53cm tall.

First and foremost, I would just like to say thank you to everyone who has called, sent emails, messages and texts. We are no where close to responding to you all but please know we are very grateful!

Now! How it went down!!! The truth, the real hard truth. The minute I found out I was preggo I knew I wanted to do a natural birth, well a natural water birth to be exact and my mind was set. Hence the hypnobirthing classes. Now any mom I had met prior to my labour said I was crazy for not wanting an epidural and was guaranteed I would change my mind once the time came.

Sooo…. Come January 12th. I was now 2 days late and the suspense was killing me. So I Googled how to speed up labour. Answer: Drink 2 spoons of castor oil. Did it and let me tell you, IT WORKED! A couple hours after it kicked in, ohhhh nelly. Contractions sped up but so did bowel movements! It felt like my down there regions were under attack! Husb was in full birthing partner mode. He ran a warm bath at home, was rubbing the back, arms (everything we learnt in hypnobirthing class actually started coming in handy.) I wanted a home labour and a natural hospital birth, but halfway through the pain I realized that I don’t have any idea how I would be able to bare this crazy pain. So I said “forget it”, take me to the hospital! With bags packed at the door Hubba packed the car and we were on our way at 9:30pm. I did not say a single word in the car, because I think I forgot how to talk! Soon as we got to the hospital the Midwife checked how far along we were and I was a whooping 5 cm dilated!! Wooohaaaa! Good thing we came when we did. Apparently within that time my water broke and I didn’t even know – so note to self it doesn’t always happen the way it happens in movies – ughhhh!

I was then moved into a whirlpool filled with warm water a jets, it helped A LOT, but not nearly enough. And then I did the unthinkable… I pulled the epidural card. Not once, not twice, but several times. Now I will be forever grateful to my husband for this one because this means he was actually paying attention in our birthing class, he talked me out of it every time and reminded me how beautiful our birthing plan was and how badly we wanted it and how good it would be for our child. Somehow his tactics worked and I forgot about the epideral, even though the contractions felt like the most intense pain in the world, we worked through it. Like intense, like Omigod intense. Just saying.

The 2.5 hours of pushing was the “easiest” part. The best feeling is when my midwife said to me “reach down Parita and pull your baby out.” I PULLED ANGELINA OUT OF ME! It was unreal! I laid her on my stomach and she instantaneously held Daddys hand. It has so far been the best feeling in the world for us both. She was born around 3:30am and we were home by 8:00am cuddled in bed together. Just us three, our family!

So is the saying true, that you forget all about the pain once your child is born? I would’ve never guessed it, but its true and I did it 100% naturally!

Now with that being said, its not all peaches and roses when you get home. But thats for a later blog. One of my new intentions this year is to help prepare mothers to HONESTLY know what they have in store after the fact. Because let me tell you, I had no idea! From the transition, to the coping, body stuff… I’m here ladies… I’m here!!!!

Back to Angie I go!

Heart, star.
Pari xoxo









3 Comments Add yours

  1. kemeshia orr says:

    very nice chicka..im tearing up,i am so happy for you …hugggs and kisses..much love !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Parita says:

      Thanks my lady!! Maybe next time were around you can meet her! xoxo

  2. Susan clow says:

    Oh congratulations on your new baby girl !there is nothing in this world like holding your baby !
    All the best !
    Say hello to grandma for me !

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