Let’s be Honest – Part 2

I made it through another week! A challenge? Yes, but a good one. Worth every minute! Hubs and I think she looks completely different this week and she’s grown an entire inch, Ayercarumba! As for sleepless nights, shes been okay. We are ALMOST (kinda sorta close) to maybe being on a schedule but our little Princess really makes that decision at the end of the day. Just when we think we know her next move WHABAM shes pooed on Dad and peed a water fountain all over Mom. We can’t help but laugh and take pictures in the moment, story of our lives.

Now the placenta talk! I was originally going to put a picture of a placenta below but didn’t want to gross you out too bad that you wouldn’t finish reading this blog, so if you are interested Google Images it. In a nutshell it looks like a bloody steak, a massive piece. So what does a placenta do? It’s this super charged organ in our body that supports our baby for nine months, helping our little bundle of joy to stay nourished and support its growth in the mothers womb. So basically our baby relies on this to survive, but if consumed after it can continue its job helping both the mother and child by supporting lactation, helping to ease postpartum recovery, increases maternal energy, eases life transitions, naturally evens out hormones and avoids postpartum depression.

Now if you remember from Part 1, whether we like to admit it or not I believe all women go through some sort of postpartum. Some deal with it better than others. Before I even knew what motherhood had in store for me I had decided to encapsulate my placenta. I did a lot of research before hand and really liked all the benefits Angelina and I would have. And its just cool to say, “yeah i’m eating my placenta!” When I had told hubba originally, he was completely disgusted. Especially for the fact that it would have to sit in our fridge at home for pick up once Angie was born. But how things changed once the day came, after Angie was born the midwife and Hubs were sitting there analyzing my placenta. He was truly amazed by what it looked like and what it did. I stared in amazement. Hubs took it as far as making it a show and tell piece when the grandparents were over. I was upstairs, but could hear him showing and explaining how this organ worked in my body, cray cray I know!

I had an amazing women by the name of Rihanna (convenient, I know) actually come home to pick up my placenta and drop it back off within 72 hours. She actually dehydrates the placenta with herbs to get rid of the icky smell that may come with it. And as a keepsake, she also dries the umbilical cord in the shape of a heart to remember and appreciate the original connector between mother and child. Amazing and beautiful, right?!?! Cost $200 and it was worth it!

Now the scoop and do they work?!?? Rihanna came to drop off the 153 capsules, 72 hours later. As a mother herself she got it, she knew at that exact moment what I was going through and what I had in store emotionally and physically. First thing she mentioned, whenever you consume a pill it gives you this feeling of a buzz – I describe it as a bit of a high. Its an intense yet relaxing feeling. She explained the roller coaster of moods that would follow and the dosage to take to help deal. She was bang on! Day 1 taking it, people claimed to already notice a difference. I actually left our bedroom, I was definitely more talkative, I was cracking jokes (ex: texting + breastfeeding = brexting BAHAHA), I was definitely different. My husband worded it best, I was acting like myself again. Which was really nice to hear.

I called these pills my saving grace. Truthfully I notice a difference when I take them within 20 mins or so. If I wake up feeling a bit blah I change up the dosage to brighten the day. It works for sure for any emotional issues that may arise. As for lactation, I could feed an army! So physically its doing its job too! I recommend any mom to be contemplating this to do it, you will thank me later. A lot of women actually freeze the capsules as it can be very helpful during menopause as well. Two in one baby! If you have any further questions regarding this, please message me! I’m here for you girls!

Next update, i’m thinking breastfeeding! Oh nelly, that will be an interesting one. The good, bad and ugly would be an understatement! Stay tuned!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

IMG_5492 IMG_5596 placenta

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