Let’s be Honest – Part 3 UPDATE

So since Part 3 was posted a lot has changed and thought I would give an update so I don’t leave you high and dry. That saying ironically works as you’ll see in a second.

It may of sounded like I was on the right track on my last blog, but boy oh boy was I mistaken. So I thought it was important to share this today just incase you took my advice with some products I had mentioned earlier. I hit a speed bump… A bad one. Kinda gave me a minor heart attack and the unmentionable tears as well. Story of my life lately. (Now if you knew me prior to pregnancy, not much could crack me so this is still taking some getting use to. BALANCE HORMONES!!)

Now that easy breezy convenient shield mentioned in the prior post needed an immediate update. After only a week of using it, my milk store was getting ready to file bankruptcy. Stocks were dwindling. The gas tank was nearing closer to empty. The air was deflating. I thought that was it. I was crushed. All I could think was, I barely made it breast feeding a month.

After going to my midwife appointment and I had shared my nipple shield secret she was not too impressed. Apparently that should only be used as a quick fix as it eliminates stimulation to our lovely ducts and our body then decides to stop producing milk. Leaving our babies hungry!

At our last appointment, my midwife asked to see my technique for feeding yet again. The first few visits we apparently were on track, not this time. You got to be very aggressive when you are putting you child on you to feed originally. Like pushing head into our boob, I was left speechless when she showed me how you have to teach your child to latch on correctly! Soo here’s the kicker, if you saw where my war wounds were you would automatically know that Angie was not latching on correctly. The tip should not actually be in the sucking zone! Who would’ve guessed?!?! So where I was cracked and bleeding was all because I did not place (more like force) her head on properly. Cue Dr. Jack Newman. He has this down packed. Google or YouTube him. You will get step by step instructions on how to do this and it works. I’ve actually been feeding openly on my cracks and it is healing and NOT PAINFUL. So latching problem fixed, what about my supply issue? Along with my placenta pills, I am now taking Blessings Thistle and Fenugreek capsules. 3 of each pill, 3 times a day = 18 capsules a day. I have gone from Empty Evelyn to Milky Marla. The capsules work with 12-24 hrs. Helllurrrrr that’s amazing!!!

How do I know for sure that it works, you may ask? Well at this same last visit with the midwife we got news I wasn’t too happy about. So here are the numbers: when Angelina was originally born she weighed 8.64 lbs, one week in she lost almost a pound (weight loss in the first week is normal, but ours was still a bit higher than what was considered normal) now weighing 7.6. She was feeding for approximately 45 mins to an hour. On the third week we were celebrating when she was 8.1 lbs. Still feeding for 45 mins to an hour. On the fourth week she gained 0.1 lbs, not what we were hoping for at all. It should of been a lot more substantial, and her feeding times should actually be a lot shorter. Almost cut in half. Damn you nipple shield!!!! Now we are on the fifth week and after using Dr. Jack Newmans technique and taking my capsules Angelina is 9.3 lbs. DING DING DING! We have a winner.

So basically on week five, despite all the times I was ready to throw in the breast feeding towel we finally have a winner. Most importantly Angelina is gaining weight, sleeping better and seems a lot happier and alert. On my end, feeding time is cut in half and it doesn’t hurt anymore! YEHHAAWWW!

So ladies, NOTE TO SELF… DON’T GIVE UP! If I can do it, so can you!

As per usual, all questions are welcome friends, keep them coming!!!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

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