A lesson to my Daughter – Phenomenal Woman

Angie pulled a number on me yesterday. Her and daddy had some amazing bonding time as I stepped out of the house for a bit, but as the roles reversed and Daddy left she was a whole new woman. Sleeping? What sleeping? Playing time, talking time, and laughing time, came and left and giving mommy a difficult time was the name of the game. I started thinking to myself, is she paying me back for leaving her? No way… Is she that smart already?!? We’re not playing that best friends for life, we can never leave each others side game already. Or are we? Its a game we will be playing for an eternity and then some, that’s for sure.

So Miss Angelina kept me up till 5:00am. Now she did sleep, she got good sleep in. The only thing that seemed to sooth her was feeding and then falling asleep on my chest, but the minute I attempted to put her down… She would scream off the top of her lungs. This is a first for her. Am I complaining? Absolutely not! She needed me. The feeling is priceless. This is that mother feeling that everyone talks about. Yes, I could barely keep my eyes open, yes my arms went numb and yes my legs had fallen asleep but staring at her face for countless hours, feeling her heart beat and the warmth of our bodies together… I kinda wanted it to never end.

Now I would try to squeeze a quick power nap in here and there to keep my train choo choo-ing. A random 15 mins here and there really did the trick! What did I do during the other hours you may ask? Well besides everything I just mentioned, I caught up on my recorded shows. One of my favorites, Oprahs Super Soul Sunday on the OWN Network. Oprah had Maya Angelou on and let me tell you the inspiration, power and knowledge was flowing. It had me thinking at the type of woman Angelina would grow up to be. The importance of me and Daddy giving her a strong backbone, enforcing independence, spirituality and love. Then she recited “Phenomenal Woman”, I replayed it over and over again. I fell in love. Reading it is one thing, hearing Maya Angelou recite it is another. For all the mothers out there that are blessed with a daughter, this should be their Mantra. They all deserve to grow up knowing how phenomenal they really are.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

P.S Yes those are orbs around Angelina and I as she fell asleep on me. I did absolutely nothing in that picture to add those. Our Angels are always around us. Love!!!!

photo 2 (3) unnamed photo 1 (4) photo 5 photo 3 (1)

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