Be the Type of Person You Follow on Instagram


Be the type of person you want to meet – said someone really smart, who knew what they were talking about and felt it deep within their soul.

The other day Hubba Bubba and I took our princess to the mall. We thought it would be nice to go for a stroll and maybe do some wardrobe updating for me while we were at it. To our surprise, we walked into a treat… It was basically a mini hands on zoo. They had massive turtles, alligators, anacondas, house hippos, OH NELLY I could go on. The best about this is you were able to hold them. Right away hubbalicious jumped on holding the alligator, even with his mouth closed shut I was trembling at the thought. The house hippo was easy breezy to hold, it was basically like a slimy puppy, then from the corner of my eye I saw this massive snake… With my stroller I RAN, incase she lost control and came my way. Then I found myself staring, no matter what corner I was in for some reason I was drawn to this beautiful animal. Now if you know me, a snake is something that would scare the living day lights out of me, but for some odd reason she wasn’t doing that. Then something in my head told me, if everyone else can do it, why can’t I? I had this quick brief moment when I started thinking, the older I’m getting the less gutsier I am. I used to love challenging myself and doing things people would never expect me to do, what happened? At that moment I chose to flick a switch, NO MORE. I looked at Hubba and said “I want to hold the snake'” he looked shocked, THAT LOOK! That’s what I was looking for, WOOHOO so easily!

That moment is when I realized how easy it is to change my mind set and how people view me. HECK I held a snake… A big one, even as it took its tail and started wrapping its way around my leg, I was calm. She was beautiful, that’s all I saw.


When did I stop challenging myself? If you remember from my last blog, I mentioned that I am a raw/vegan wannabe. I follow people living this lifestyle on a daily basis on Instagram and on different blogs, I’m obsessed… I can see myself being like that. I want to be like that. But whats stopping me from giving it a chance? I have absolutely no clue, that’s sad. Challenge accepted!!! That night as I was lying in bed, I decided its time. I made myself an achievable goal, but still a hard one. Eat as many fruits and vegetables for one whole week straight, no meat, no cheating, no processed food, no sugar, no nothing bad for me that doesn’t serve my body it’s highest good. Paired with at least 2L of water. The goal is not to loose weight (hey if I do, BONUS) but to start feeling amazing and do something i’ve been wanting to try forever. No more limitations. Day 1 complete, on to Day 2!

Goal: I want to be the type of person I want to meet, or in this day and age, be the type of person you follow on Instagram.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo







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