Horrible Scary Needles!


Yesterday was a hard one. It was Angelina’s two month appointment to get her very scary needles. Now I am horrifically scared of needles, so the fact that my mini me would have to get them hurt my heart. Like really hurt my heart. I woke up in the morning feeling uneasy and just blah. I made Dad take the day off work for this day because I was unsure how I would handle it come the actual time. I know I sound dramatic but let me share some terror stories with you. You know in junior high and high school when you need to get the random flu shots, I would have to go after school so my father would come with. I refused to go without him. Another example you may ask, there was an unfortunate incident where my mother ended up in the Emergency Room, my father went to speak to the doctor and left me alone in the room with her. A nurse came to draw her blood, I saw the needle being put into my mom and that is all I remember… I woke up on a bed in Emergency myself. See its bad, I told you so.

When I spoke to some other new moms prior to Angies appointment, they all said they had to leave the room because they couldn’t see their child going through the pain. My mind was set that I would do the same. But then I had a thought… This is the first horrible, scary and painful experience that my child is going through and I’m planning to just leave her and wait in another room? I know that sounds super dramatic, but this is what happens when I start over thinking things. I’m her mother, i’m suppose to be by her side for everything, holding her hand, telling her that it will always be okay. I couldn’t leave.

Here’s what happened. Well firstly, I texted Daddy the picture below, hoping he would say… No problem Angie we won’t go. We will magically give you the needle another way and time that and you will never feel any pain. It obviously didn’t work, but he felt really really bad. So we got there, she was weighed and measured. (Angie is now 24 inches tall and is weighs 11lbs 12oz. #winning) Then we waited and waited and waited… It felt like an eternity! Thank God Dad was there, he was keeping me sane. As I paced the room, Dad held Angelina on his chest and kept her calm. Then the moment came the nurse came into the room. I saw the MASSIVE needles, no way I was leaving her! The nurse recommended we held her as it is more comforting for the child as she rammed TWO needles into our little tiny baby! I jumped picking her up, I held her tight! I looked down at the top of her head and just kept kissing her and I started sweating like a mad woman. My eyes started getting watery, I know… Super dramatic! But like Daddy said, it has to be done… I still wanted to take Angie and run for the door! Then I saw the needle coming, Dad looked at Angie in her eyes as I squeezed her tight and looked away. All I could hear him saying “its okay Angie, your doing good, you’re such a good girl, we love you so much” I just kept trying to push through the tears. She screamed… Then stopped and screamed again… Longer and louder. The crying lasted about 5 mins or so and she was okay. I’m dramatic, I know.

Other then being a little cranky at night, which she definitely has the right to be… Poor girl. She just wanted a lot of cuddle time. She needed extra extra love and affection. With one small dose of Tempra she was good to go. My Angel is A-OK! We will be doing round two in two months. Buh bye for now evil needles. Angie showed you!!!

I hear crying, time to feed friends. Until next time.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo





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