My Not so Epic Fail!

Two words EPIC FAIL! Okay okay I’m being a little hard on my self but I think this opened my eyes on how I may need to be a tad bit realistic. One thing that I didn’t take into consideration is the time factor… Well actually the lack of time factor. I forgot one key fact, I don’t make my schedule, a little small person does.

First the highs, I’ve started my wheatgrass again faithfully. That’s a good start. Every morning I have been making a delicious fruit smoothie. Thank God for the Vitamix. It is so quick and easy to use and clean. I am drinking at least 2L of water a day. And once in awhile I am making my uber favourite Mean Green Juice in the juicer.

Now the lows, I told myself one week no meat. I ate it 3 times. And I indulged in food cooked in fatty fatty fat fat oil once. I cheated on myself. I realized will power is definitely not my best friend. Something I need to work on.

Wait let me go do the dreaded scale check…

Not bad, not bad. Since the first time I shared my numbers I have lost and kept off 6lbs. (Why I say kept off is because I’ve been the same for a couple of days… And my oily meal day was two days ago.) So I guess I didn’t do too bad. I’m sure a lot of it can be due to breast feeding, but heck I’ll take it at this point. But again I wasn’t trying to change my habits to lose weight, although any shedding would be great… It was more for a mind and body stimulation boost! To give my body that natural high, that spring in my step, the woohoo I love veggies feeling. Honestly, I am not there yet. And I know it exists because I’ve been there before. I just have to somehow keep reminding myself how much I loved it, because I know when I get there it will be easy sailing… But getting there is the issue. Go on body GPS, find the easiest and quickest route. Help a sister out!

So after writing this, it’s not really an epic fail after all, it was more of a gradual shift in the right direction. I just changed this blogs title from “Sorry Body I Failed You” to “My Not so Epic Fail.” I have been so dramatic lately. It’s kinda funny.

Now that I’m back on the positivity wagon, I think I will make myself a seriously delicious salad with tempeh – yup I saw it on Instagram. Chime in Ding Ding – be who you follow on Instagram! I ate it earlier this week and it was actually yummy, not fake yummy where I just say that because it’s good for you so I’ll pretend its good, but actually good.

Off to cut vegetables I go, I’m just shifting away.

Happy Spring!!!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo






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