I’m Bringing Sexy Back


It is finally starting to feel like Spring in Toronto. The snow is almost gone and the grass is peaking through. Which only means one thing! My favorite season for fashion has begun and the other one is on its way! Hands down Spring and Summer is when I bring out my OHHH HAAYYY game. Winter tends to always yield my not so fun outfits. Boring leggings, baggy but cute sweaters… Basically nothing too fab. And with the last winter I needed to make a couple of adjustments since I was rockin’ a belly. Needless to say, the time had come to clean out my closet and remind myself of all my extremely fun and gorg pieces I have found over the years that never seem to get old. Which also means getting rid of any clothes that I realistically will never wear again – this is always the hardest part for me!

Now this closet cleaning session is something I do religiously every year. I broke this big project into a couple of days. Well kinda, I basically tried to slip in any time when Angie was taking her naps. I’m proud to say that I was able to part from four garbage bags worth of clothes. I may have set a new record for myself! For some reason, this year seemed a lot easier to say buh bye to my old clothes. Usually what happens is I put my clothes that i’m sure i’ll never wear again in the donation pile, then once I see it just lying there I start thinking to myself… Hey Parita, you knowwww that would really look good with _______. And somehow I convince myself to keep half of my donation pile, but not this time! I didn’t look back, not once. Out with the old and in with the new!

I really and truly try to do this at least once a year, it is such a freeing feeling. Something about starting fresh and new. Rekindling my love with all my Spring and Summer colors. Pulling out the much needed WABAAM pants, fun girly dresses, ugly – but something about it is really cool outfits, sequins pieces – because we all know that every girl should have atleast one screaming sequins number and most importantly all the clothes that make me feel sexy and hot to trot! (Did I really just say hot to trot?!?!) Whether it be cute sexy or ohhh haaayyy sexy – all of it works for me! Wait… Let me just clarify, by sexy I don’t mean mini skirts and low hoochie mama tops, come on friends, i’m better then that! Geez! I can only describe it in three words, confident lioness sexy! Whatever that means to you! Keep it and wear it!

As well, I think I’ve decided against no longer wearing leggings (well maybe sometimes when i’m doing scrub wear, like the picture below when I was heading to Value Village to drop off my donations and threw on whatever I found) but they will are no longer my go to. It is so done. I feel like that was so three years ago! Yes its easy to throw on, but really? Lets see how I do… I think that relationship is done. Just saying.

So friends, liberate yourself! Give your closet a makeover!!! Get all your fun, bright, exciting clothes out! No more boring!! Its time to play!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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