Hi Friends!

I am so happy to say that I am staying on track of my back to ship shop shape mission. Truthfully I haven’t weighed myself recently, but I feel great! I’m just leaning towards my goals, leaning leaning leaning.

Actually before I even get to the health part, I owe all the Moms who responded to my plea for help with Angelina’s night time crying a super major huge enormous thank you! I tried all your suggestions, mixed and matched a few and I think i’m finally on the right track. The key I was missing was routine. Yup, that simple ROUTINE. I feel like I should’ve known that… But I totally didn’t. Apparently when we put our babies on schedule, we are able to predict and read them a lot more clearly. I can sometimes even beat her to it now! Night time routine we are (for the most part) on track now, the day time is hit or miss. But i’m getting there! So to all the ladies that responded THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

And I’ve ordered the teething necklace thanks to your recommendations! A lot of you said the same thing in regards to being unsure if thats what did the trick, but I figured I have nothing to lose. I’ll let you know how that goes!

On to eating! We just renewed our Costco membership and I had a field day! I was so happy when I got home that I took a picture with my groceries. Does that make me sound like a crazy person? It just looked so pretty and colorful! Firstly I’m a sucker for organic fruits and vegetables, I definitely can taste the difference in the food but I can also see the number its doing to my wallet… Something had to give. So I have now decided that until the local farmers markets are back in action in my area, i’ve chosen to do a bulk of my shopping at Costco. Since I hadn’t been there in awhile, I can say I was pleasantly surprised by there beautiful fruits and veggies. Quality, check! Quantity, check! Still have money, check!

Now, I have to be honest… Some food I just couldn’t replace, i’m leaning remember?!?! Like have a looksy at the delicious Cosmic Salad with edible flower petals. Like gezuz murphy, its gorgeous! Flower petals?!?! Hi i’m Gods gift and I eat beautiful colorful flowers, just because… Just saying. But since i’m just leaning away… I don’t go too crazy anymore. But heres a fun fact for you, did you know that you can tell if something really truly is organic by looking at it. Dr. Oz taught me this and I had to share. If you look at the sticker son the fruit or veggie, if it starts with a 9, thats an organic sexy beast! So make sure you look for 9’s before you hit the cash register!

So yes i’m still smoothing and juicing every day without fail. I am getting an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables in. I’m also loading up on superfoods like mulberries, wheatgrass, flax seeds and hemp hearts daily without fail. And i can honestly say that I feel ravishing! (I think thats the first time i’ve ever used that word, but it really works here) I feel happy and vibalicious. Heres one of my many new fun fav recipes inspired by @blkwhiteblog on Instagram for you to try! I changed it up a bit, but loved her idea. Give your body some love, give it some happy energy, vibe baby vibe!!!

Coco Acai Berry Berries Smoothie

I cup of steeped Acai Berry tea (decaf), cooled to room temperature
2 Bananas
1 cup of berries
Coconut Water (as much as you like, depending on how thick you prefer it)
4 ice cubes

** Blend away**

Badabing Badaboom your done!
Get ready to fall in love with pure healthy delicious goodness!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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  1. Great post Parita!!! I love how you excite me about healthy living! Xoxo and great pics too! Your daughter is too precious with those shades on! Made me smile 🙂

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