The Moment When


We did it! Angie and I flew to Winnipeg successfully. Six days ago I was biting my nails nervous as anything trying to figure how the heck i’m going to fly alone with Angelina.

I reached out to a girlfriend who had given me the low down on what to expect and how to cope a couple days earlier but I still had ants in my pants. Then my Facebook world reassured me that I could really do this. Gave me a lot of pointers which I studied hard before getting on the plane.

Checking in was easy since Hubster did most of it, passing security was a breeze (minus having to take my sleeping child out of her car seat). I did ask while checking in, if the flight attendants would help with collapsing the stroller and all before boarding and I was told that unfortunately the staff would be too busy helping people board to be of any assistance… So I had to figure it out for myself. It ain’t easy. Diaper bag, bottles, stroller, toys, car seat and baby. Ohhh nelly!

As I got to the gate, obviously there was not a single seat available but a very kind man offered his when he saw I was almost in struggle town. Soon as I calm down and thought to myself “okay okay we’re doing good…” it was time to board. My heart skipped a couple of beats, armpits started sweating, Angie just happened to wake up then (of course) and I started strollin’ on over. All I could think to myself is how am I going to hold my child in one hand, take off the car seat and collapse the stroller with the other? All I kept saying is “please God, help a sister out!”

Okay so I’m now at the entrance of the plane… I look down at the diaper bag, Angie and I think “i’m screwed” this is sooo not going to work. Then I contemplate putting her in the holder just so I can juggle everything else then a little angel appeared in the form of a new father with his wife. He saw my face and came to my rescue and did it all for me as I spoke to his wife about our kids. I was counting my blessings and it just happened that they were sitting in front of us.

As we took off, as per all the advice given I fed Angie on the way up and pacified. Smooth sailing. The sound of the engine put her to sleep. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I was screaming (in my head of course). An hour in, her precious little eyes open, uh oh spaghettio… The other bottle is under the seat, there is no way I can reach it, mix it… I didn’t prep myself or plan for this. I did what I thought i would never do… Pulled out the boob! I would like to say i’m a breastfeeding champ. Just saying… I was counting my blessing for the window seat, I faced the window and nobody saw a thing. Ohhhh hayyyyy!!!!! She then fell right back to sleep until we landed.

Now it was time to get off, here we go again. I was hoping the nice gentleman would help me again but him and his wife gave me a wave and said good luck as they got their stuff and left with their crying child. UGH, I felt my eyes watering. I kept tell myself don’t cry, i’m going to look like a fool. There are people starving in the world, this is nothing… Right?!? I’m screwed.

As I manage to shimmy my way out of the seat and pull my diaper bag out, i’m holding Angie tight, shhhh-ing in her ear… Hoping a crying frenzy doesn’t start. That will make everything 8 million times worse. As I get off the plane, I see it. The nice man put all my stuff together before he left. I cried like a baby! People were staring, but I couldn़’t help it. I felt like I won the lottery!


Despite how dramatic I made this experience sound, I think we did pretty damn good. Angie did amazing! What made it even better was being greeting by family, a massive sign and over flowing love!

But what makes this all worth it is…

The moment when you see the joy and smile that you brought to your parents face and that very moment when they call your daughter your name by accident…


Heart, star.
Parita xoxo



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  1. I’ll be the first to admiti know nothing about putting strollers together but I am excellent at holding babies. Would it have weirded you out ifa stranger offered to hold Angie to help you out? I would be more than happy to help people but think that they might feel word ori wouldn’t bea help so I haven’t really offered.

    1. Parita says:

      To be honest I think I would appreciate any help that was offered!!!! At that point I think all moms would just want to get out as fast as possible!!!! xoxo

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