I Love Coconuts

Hi friends, sorry I’ve been MIA for the last week or so but my parents had some Angelina withdrawal after we left Winnipeg and had to get another quick dose of her. Had I known that having a baby meant that I would see my parents so much more often I would’ve done this a lot sooner!!!! She really is the gift that keeps giving!!!

Now it’s back to reality. Mother Nature and I are now officially homegirls. Angelina and I love spending a good chunk of our day chilling outside the house on our lounge chairs in the shade, listening to some music, discussing life. You know the regular things you do with your 4.5 month old baby girl. Truth be told our day usually starts off with a stroll to the park. Perfect bonding time, where Angelina gets some good Vitamin D, falls asleep with the wind in her hair and enjoys the smell of freshly cut grass and blooming flowers as we have deep conversations about butterflies, unicorns, angels… I could keep going but I’m sure you catch my drift. As for the rest of the day… Never a set plan. Whatever our hearts desire. Life is so simple yet so perfect. I swear we are meant to live on the beach! Outsidiness (new word), constant mommy and me photo shoots, singing, laughing, spitting up, slobber central, and upsy downsy time all while in the presence of my Mr. Big – the mommy version – Mr. Sun! That sounded way more witty in my head. But you get my point, It’s a love affair.

Another new found love that I have been addicted to for over a month or so and is still going strong is Coconut Water. Just writing it makes me thirsty!


There has always been people going cray cray for coconut water and I never really got it. I would put it in my smoothies but hated the taste of it on its own. Problem: I had only tried one brand, Vita Coco and it really did not get my body buzzing, my toots toddling. Then a local grocery store had some UFC (not affiliated with the fighting sport) on special. I bought a case on 12 just because it seemed like such a good deal and the first sip I took I went weak at the knees. If heaven had a beach and a coconut fell from the sky… This is that water. I personally think it taste 1000% better. It is so refreshing when it’s cold and my body just starts moving, hips start swaying and I swear my voice sounds sexier! Okay I’m totally exaggerating, but you get my point.

Heath benefits you ask?!?! Well they don’t call it Natures Gatorade for nothing. Have a looksys below at all it’s benefits!!

Happy Friday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo







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