Bat Them Lashes


First and foremost I would just like to say, I’m actually starting to feel like my old self again. I am not at my pre-preggo weight yet, but my body is finally beginning to look and feel tighter. Angelina is almost 6 months old and I am now 13lbs away from my original weight! WOOOHOOOO! To some that may still seem like a lot, but if you remember what I was working with originally (56lbs), I’m close! I can finally see the light!!!!

With that being said, I’ve been giving myself little makeovers here and there in the last little while to give me that “you can do it feeling”! First it started with the makeup, specifically my concealer and lipsticks – colors and changing up the application process and instantaneously felt better about my face and my morning routine. Then the hair – I’m back to black! I always have a light hair melt down and go back to my one and only sexy lover – black shiny hair. Something about it… LOVE! Then bought me some new clothes – not a lot, just a tad to get the closets creative juices flowing. Sometimes you just need that pick me up, you know?!?!

Then it happened. I was on Facebook and a girlfriend of mine posted a picture of her new vava voom lashes. They were long, Kardashian like, ultra vavoomy magical lashes. Basically it looks like you were wearing fake lashes, BUT YOUR NOT! I know… Right?!?! I had to order. Then as I waited for my lash magic to come in the mail I watched endless amounts of YouTube videos of people’s reviews and tutorials which only got me going even more. I got it first thing this week…. I told myself I would wait a couple weeks before doing a blog on it just to be sure… But I really honestly couldn’t wait. It actually works magic. Like David Coperfield magic!

Younique 3D Fibre Lash Mascara. YouTube it! Google it! I’ve attached pics below for you to see for yourself!

If I wasn’t feeling good about myself before, you better believe that was the cherry on top. I do this every morning now… To stay in with Angie or go out. I just feel… Dare I say… Supermodel-ish. If you were to look at my phone… There are a lot of selfies happening. It’s cause and effect!

True story, then I’m done. I swear! I went to Shoppers Drug Mart for some alone time (isn’t that what all moms do on their break?) and was in the makeup section looking at what’s on sale and where I can get extra points (again, doesn’t all moms do that?), when a total stranger came up to me to say my lashes looked great and if they were real or if I had extensions. I almost peed my pants! It’s one thing when my husband validates it, but a stranger… Come on!!!!

So where can you get this secret potion? To purchase, it’s kinda like an Avon thing. You need a rep to purchase yada yada yada… So I’ve taken the liberty of making an account to hopefully make it easier for you. This isn’t a plug for me to do sales, its just… Well you’ll see! YouTube it! It speaks for itself.

It’s a direct purchase online of $35.00 with a flat shipping rate, no taxes or customs fees. Here’s the link!

Kim Kardashians got nothing on me! Say whatttt!!!

Happy Friday!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo










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