Fashion Fridays ~ Why am I just trying this now?!?!


If you follow my Facebook group you have already heard my excitement for my new find!

As we all know, I’m a Statement necklaces connoisseur! I throw a necklace on with anything and everything BUT while I was doing some shopping for my Boutique I stumbled upon some anklets. Not just any anklets, ohhhh haaayyyyy ones! I showed them to hubby to see if he thought they were as hot/sexy/amazing/gorgeous as I did and he instantaneously agreed. It’s one thing to see a picture but when they came, oh my nelly! Let’s just say I’ve never put nail polish on my toes so quickly!

I’m not much of a foot person… But come on!!! Why have we not done this sooner?!?! Obviously I have to say, come visit the PARITATIME shop or find yourself something fancy like the pics below. A traditional anklet is one thing BUT this is a whole new level. This is like he shoots, he scores and then hits it out of the ball park and gets a touch down kinda level! We all need at least one pair of these maj anklets in our life.

When I originally bought them I thought it would be a good go to for hot destinations, but now it’s something I can see myself wearing all day, every day. It’s the little details I tell ya! Wearing it with or without shoes, it just works!

Needed some inspiration to try something new? Hopefully the pictures get your creative fashion juices flowing. My feet feel special and dare I say sexy?!?! Yours should too!

Now go Bejewel your feet love!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo











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