Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!!

The way I see it there are three types of girls out there. The ones who really truly love sports, the ones that couldn’t care less about sports and then me. The in between. I didn’t chose this life, it was more like there was no option! Like seriously!

On our tv there’s either two things Treehouse or Sports! All sports! Football, hockey, baseball, tennis, golf, basketball…. Shoot me!

So yesterday I was basically hit by a train, like run over and then they reversed and hit me again. I call this type of collision a cold/flu. I felt and still feel like poo. The worse part is Angie has it too! Cue the awwwhhhhhh.

So yesterday while my head was a bit foggy I did something I never do. Side note: The hubby loves to play with odds, he enjoys the rush. If betting on games could be his professional job he’d hand in his resignation tomorrow. It’s his thing. So back to yesterday… While my head was in the foggy, misty, booger filled air I casually mentioned, I think I may try to bet today. He was shocked, not going to lie… So was I. I told him to read teams off for me and I’d decide. Here’s where I get fancy… I did a parlay. I randomly chose two hockey teams, one college football team and one NFL team to win. How did I choose them? I looked deep within my heart, I picked what sounded good, what rang my church bells, what honked my horn! $20 later I had this ticket in my hand. For the first time ever I was into the silly games… I swear he was looking at me with so much love. We high fived at touch downs, celebrated penalties, cheered on first downs. (Yup I know the lingo!)

Then it happened, it really happened! The Colts won and I won! I predicted all four games, woot woot!!!! WHO AM I?!?! On just Parita that is now $193 richer! Say what!!!

So ladies, if your bored out of your mind and sports is taking over I’m not recommending to gamble your life away BUT you can make it interesting once in awhile. And trust me, he will love you for it! Like love love love you for it! Am I on to something? Should I consider being a relationship counsellor?!?

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Hmmm…. What should I buy with my winnings?!?!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo





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