Changing my name to Pamela

So here’s a good one for you.

Last night got me thinking. I’m still fighting the last couple of preggo pounds that I need to lose. It feels like I’ve been singing this song for months now. But it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll be honest, I don’t absolutely hate my weight but I would like to go back to my old self. 10 pounds that’s it! That’s all I’m asking for! Does that really seem too far fetched?

When I talk to my once knocked up girlfriends they all have something different to say. Some lost the weight almost right away (I hate you!) while others… Years later… Just weren’t able to. Sooooo what’s the answer or maybe I should be asking what’s the secret?!

I know that if I worked out that would help me out… But there’s no time. Really! I honestly feel like being with my home girl Angie all day, that’s a work out of its own. I swear she was a workout instructor in her past life. And when daddy walks in, I’m ready to jump on the sofa. The thought of putting on my gym shoes…. Hell nah!!!! Momma said knock you out!

As for eating I’m not too bad, I don’t binge and I sure as heck don’t eat celery sticks and carrots all day. I eat good food, smoothies, juices. I do cheat…. More often then I should though. Thanks to a certain someone, cough cough hubby cough cough! Then it happened last night. My sister in law said it… “You use to have self control!” I did!!!! Where did it go? Bless her heart, she didn’t mean it horribly. She was stating the facts. And I did, I was what some people would call “hardcore”. If I had a goal, I’d get there easy peezy. I wouldn’t give up until I did! WHAT HAPPENED?

Here’s my reasoning… And tell me if I’m wrong. Angie’s now 10 months old and she’s still breastfeeding (round of applause, especially after and I feel like with her teething/growth spurts she’s wanting the boob more than the bottle. Which is absolutely amazing. I’m glad that I can be her go to, to soothe her and make her feel calmer, better, at ease etc. That’s what mommas are for! So with that being said breastfeeding boobs are substantially bigger than good ol’ normal boobs. I’d say it’s an additional 5lbs for sure. Side story: in the last couple of weeks I’ve had to wear a lot of sarees and that’s when I really learnt the size difference. None… I repeat none of my sarees blouses go over even half of my chest. Arms are fine… It’s just the chest! After I’m done breastfeeding I wonder if I go back to my normal boob size or am I the new Indian exotic Pamela Anderson for life!?! Side note complete. Secondly, soon as I feed I’m either super dehydrated or hungry. So obviously I have to do something about it, so I’m ready for our next round.

After writing that out, I think the secret is that. I solved the mystery, once breastfeeding is done the 10lbs will probably fall off! Right?!? Makes sense to me.

Heart, star.
Parita aka Pamela xoxo





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