Mama Mia Smoothie or The Beet and Cabbage Smoothie

Like everyone else out there I thought I would try to start the new year on a healthy kick. Then to my surprise I noticed my main man Joes Cross aka Joe the Juicer had come out with another movie. Fat Sick and Nearly Dead 2! Now knowing my obsession with juicing (inspired by him), can you imagine how happy I was?!? I totally did my happy dance. Now unlike the first time his movie was released, pre-Angelina, I could easily cozy up in my sofa and get ready to absorb new inspiring life style changing information. Now apparently it’s not so easy. I get lucky if I can catch 20 mins at a time. Which is perfect, because it gives me time to take in all the new information.

So yesterday they talked about introducing fruits and vegetables to children. If we begin introducing them at a younger age, they learn to start liking them a lot earlier. Which isn’t rocket science but it got me thinking. Angie loves drinking her wheatgrass, as soon as she sees mommy and daddy drinking it, this girls on you like white on rice. Climbing every limb she can to get to the mason jar. Which is a mothers dream come true! Let me remind you 1 oz of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5lbs of vegetables. We give her 0.5 oz. Bring on the nutrients!!!

So I thought to myself, if she loves that and it has a pretty distinct taste… What else can I give her? What other veggies can I introduce now that most children hate. Then the vegetable heavens gate opened and I saw it. Beets and red cabbage! Beets are distinct, cabbage I had never tried but worth a shot!

I found a couple recipes on Pinterest and felt inspired, so I started throwing fruits and vegetables in my Vitamix. What I came up with was not only BEAUTIFUL but delicious! The colour is gorgeous. Like I need a lipstick in this colour immediately. It’s just so pretty. And the taste… Mama Mia!

The real test was Angelina though. As soon as she saw the colour she gave me the universal sign for momma I need you to hook me up NOW! I gave her a spoonful straight from the blender. She loved it and wanted more ASAP. Since beets stain, I took her shirt off and this girl went to Healthy Town! I totally recommend everyone to try this. Give your body and your kiddos some good vibrations!

1 Apple
5 Strawberries
1 Banana
1/2 Beet
1 cup Red Cabbage
2 Medjool Dates
2 cups of water (depending on how you like your smoothies)
* I threw some hemp hearts on the finished product to make it look pretty!

Blend away! Drink baby drink! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! Let me go get my fix before princess wakes up and drinks it all again!!!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo






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