Chia Lemon Water

Hello friends!!!

I posted a picture today of a delicious, refreshing and healthy drink that I started my day off with today and have been getting lots of messages asking details so I thought I would do a quick blog!

Chia is loaded with nutrients! It’s high in Omega 3, iron, protein, magnesium, fiber, protein… I can keep going but just have a looksy below!

One thing I really love about this is… Now please excuse my non medical way of explaining this… But when you soak chia it completely changes its texture. When consumed, it goes through your system and since it has a bit of a sticky texture (but doesn’t taste sticky) grabs onto all the gross stuff that’s been sitting in the pockets of your intestine that you have not eliminated and helps to clean it out. You do not get the runs or anything crazy but you do feel extra great! 2 tbsp a day does the trick!

1tbsp chia seeds
1/2 a sliced lemon
750mL of water

Put the chia seeds in a masor jar and fill it with cold water. Let it sit for 10-15 mins, shaking it periodically so the chia seeds don’t clump up. Once you have noticed that it has grown add your lemon, give it another good shake and drink that bad boy!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo




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