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My Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!

Because October isn’t complete without pumpkin patch pictures! I may not be the brains behind the operation but I gotta say that I’m glad we went! Angelina talked about pumpkins the entire way there and was in heaven while running through the patch. It’s the simplicity that children love and that really makes you realize how grateful we should be. They may be small but these little people are bundles of knowledge and lessons.

Feeling grateful today!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo



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Just say it already!

The truth, the real hard truth… I’ve had some major writers block for the last month! Why? I have absolutely no clue. If you look at the number of drafts I had saved, there are endless half written blogs galore! But nothing finished. So I decided to start fresh! I deleted my hours of work and I’m starting again!

First of all can you believe Angie is now 8.5 months old? I swear a tear just rolled down my face. Where did the time go?!? She’s a crawling champ, she stands holding onto anything she can grab, she claps, waves and my all time favourite she talks… Like nonstop talks. It melts me and poppa bear all the time. She has so much to say and she says it all with so much heart and soul. My baby…

Now… Don’t get me wrong, Angie does no wrong in my eyes BUT she is definitely trying to get my panties in a knot. This girl LOVES saying Dadadadadadada! Like all day every day. I swear she even says “Hi Dad” a good handful of times throughout the day as well! What the bean sprouts! She hadn’t left me completely high and dry, I have heard the sweet sweet sweet words Momma come out of little Miss Chickita’s mouth but it’s only been in between a cry. It’s for sure mom, but the way I pictured it, the day my Angie said Momma I would pick her up, spin around in circles, shower her with kisses and just as my eye catches a glimpse of the sky a rainbow begins to form. That’s all hard to do when she’s crying like a baby! Pun totally intended!

She has me playing the waiting game. I listen to her stories day in and day out. The stories about what she found on the floor, about her feet, playing with my hair, eating Cheerios, playing peek-a-boo… I get it she’s busy! BUT FOR GODS SAKE… Say Momma! Like fun and lovingly as you shower me with your amazingly perfect slobber kisses! SAY IT ANGELINA!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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The Moment When


We did it! Angie and I flew to Winnipeg successfully. Six days ago I was biting my nails nervous as anything trying to figure how the heck i’m going to fly alone with Angelina.

I reached out to a girlfriend who had given me the low down on what to expect and how to cope a couple days earlier but I still had ants in my pants. Then my Facebook world reassured me that I could really do this. Gave me a lot of pointers which I studied hard before getting on the plane.

Checking in was easy since Hubster did most of it, passing security was a breeze (minus having to take my sleeping child out of her car seat). I did ask while checking in, if the flight attendants would help with collapsing the stroller and all before boarding and I was told that unfortunately the staff would be too busy helping people board to be of any assistance… So I had to figure it out for myself. It ain’t easy. Diaper bag, bottles, stroller, toys, car seat and baby. Ohhh nelly!

As I got to the gate, obviously there was not a single seat available but a very kind man offered his when he saw I was almost in struggle town. Soon as I calm down and thought to myself “okay okay we’re doing good…” it was time to board. My heart skipped a couple of beats, armpits started sweating, Angie just happened to wake up then (of course) and I started strollin’ on over. All I could think to myself is how am I going to hold my child in one hand, take off the car seat and collapse the stroller with the other? All I kept saying is “please God, help a sister out!”

Okay so I’m now at the entrance of the plane… I look down at the diaper bag, Angie and I think “i’m screwed” this is sooo not going to work. Then I contemplate putting her in the holder just so I can juggle everything else then a little angel appeared in the form of a new father with his wife. He saw my face and came to my rescue and did it all for me as I spoke to his wife about our kids. I was counting my blessings and it just happened that they were sitting in front of us.

As we took off, as per all the advice given I fed Angie on the way up and pacified. Smooth sailing. The sound of the engine put her to sleep. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, I was screaming (in my head of course). An hour in, her precious little eyes open, uh oh spaghettio… The other bottle is under the seat, there is no way I can reach it, mix it… I didn’t prep myself or plan for this. I did what I thought i would never do… Pulled out the boob! I would like to say i’m a breastfeeding champ. Just saying… I was counting my blessing for the window seat, I faced the window and nobody saw a thing. Ohhhh hayyyyy!!!!! She then fell right back to sleep until we landed.

Now it was time to get off, here we go again. I was hoping the nice gentleman would help me again but him and his wife gave me a wave and said good luck as they got their stuff and left with their crying child. UGH, I felt my eyes watering. I kept tell myself don’t cry, i’m going to look like a fool. There are people starving in the world, this is nothing… Right?!? I’m screwed.

As I manage to shimmy my way out of the seat and pull my diaper bag out, i’m holding Angie tight, shhhh-ing in her ear… Hoping a crying frenzy doesn’t start. That will make everything 8 million times worse. As I get off the plane, I see it. The nice man put all my stuff together before he left. I cried like a baby! People were staring, but I couldn़’t help it. I felt like I won the lottery!


Despite how dramatic I made this experience sound, I think we did pretty damn good. Angie did amazing! What made it even better was being greeting by family, a massive sign and over flowing love!

But what makes this all worth it is…

The moment when you see the joy and smile that you brought to your parents face and that very moment when they call your daughter your name by accident…


Heart, star.
Parita xoxo



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Capture Every Moment!

Oh my lanta, I was just going through old videos on my phone and I had a little breakdown! Okay i’ll be honest… a big breakdown. How is my little cutey patootey daughter growing up so quickly?!? She’s only 3 months and 3 days old but we have already gone through soo much and soo many different phases! All I can say is thank God we have been doing a lot of video documenting. Pictures don’t do justice at this time, trust me!!! All the new parents or parents to be out there, let me share with you the best advice given to me before Angie was born. Invest in a good camera or have a good cell phone that can catch every little perfect and not so perfect (which later on in life when you reflect will be perfect) things they do. Now more then ever when I see these moments pass by I realize its a once in a lifetime. This is such a cheesy post friends, BUT I CAN’T HELP IT!

Angie has been giving mommy and daddy daily chatfests, luckily I was able to catch the video below last week to share with you all. Her dimple, her smile, her laugh… Awwwhhhh my baby!!!!

I’ll save this for another post BUT if you have a looksy at the picture below Angelina’s ears are now pierced! I’ll share that in my next post. 🙂

Anyone know how to slow down time?!?! Freeze it for a bit?!? Anything?!?!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo


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Hi Friends!

I am so happy to say that I am staying on track of my back to ship shop shape mission. Truthfully I haven’t weighed myself recently, but I feel great! I’m just leaning towards my goals, leaning leaning leaning.

Actually before I even get to the health part, I owe all the Moms who responded to my plea for help with Angelina’s night time crying a super major huge enormous thank you! I tried all your suggestions, mixed and matched a few and I think i’m finally on the right track. The key I was missing was routine. Yup, that simple ROUTINE. I feel like I should’ve known that… But I totally didn’t. Apparently when we put our babies on schedule, we are able to predict and read them a lot more clearly. I can sometimes even beat her to it now! Night time routine we are (for the most part) on track now, the day time is hit or miss. But i’m getting there! So to all the ladies that responded THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

And I’ve ordered the teething necklace thanks to your recommendations! A lot of you said the same thing in regards to being unsure if thats what did the trick, but I figured I have nothing to lose. I’ll let you know how that goes!

On to eating! We just renewed our Costco membership and I had a field day! I was so happy when I got home that I took a picture with my groceries. Does that make me sound like a crazy person? It just looked so pretty and colorful! Firstly I’m a sucker for organic fruits and vegetables, I definitely can taste the difference in the food but I can also see the number its doing to my wallet… Something had to give. So I have now decided that until the local farmers markets are back in action in my area, i’ve chosen to do a bulk of my shopping at Costco. Since I hadn’t been there in awhile, I can say I was pleasantly surprised by there beautiful fruits and veggies. Quality, check! Quantity, check! Still have money, check!

Now, I have to be honest… Some food I just couldn’t replace, i’m leaning remember?!?! Like have a looksy at the delicious Cosmic Salad with edible flower petals. Like gezuz murphy, its gorgeous! Flower petals?!?! Hi i’m Gods gift and I eat beautiful colorful flowers, just because… Just saying. But since i’m just leaning away… I don’t go too crazy anymore. But heres a fun fact for you, did you know that you can tell if something really truly is organic by looking at it. Dr. Oz taught me this and I had to share. If you look at the sticker son the fruit or veggie, if it starts with a 9, thats an organic sexy beast! So make sure you look for 9’s before you hit the cash register!

So yes i’m still smoothing and juicing every day without fail. I am getting an enormous amount of fruits and vegetables in. I’m also loading up on superfoods like mulberries, wheatgrass, flax seeds and hemp hearts daily without fail. And i can honestly say that I feel ravishing! (I think thats the first time i’ve ever used that word, but it really works here) I feel happy and vibalicious. Heres one of my many new fun fav recipes inspired by @blkwhiteblog on Instagram for you to try! I changed it up a bit, but loved her idea. Give your body some love, give it some happy energy, vibe baby vibe!!!

Coco Acai Berry Berries Smoothie

I cup of steeped Acai Berry tea (decaf), cooled to room temperature
2 Bananas
1 cup of berries
Coconut Water (as much as you like, depending on how thick you prefer it)
4 ice cubes

** Blend away**

Badabing Badaboom your done!
Get ready to fall in love with pure healthy delicious goodness!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo








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Anything can Really Happen! Really!!!

Angie and I had another one of those nights where she just wasn’t feeling like sticking to our routine sleep that we have worked so hard to create. So needless to say it was a late night for the mother daughter team. When our princess did fall asleep it ended up being on mommy on the sofa, thank God for the PVR. When Angie has these days it’s perfect for me to have catch up time with my shows. Now the other day PBS had a special with Dr. Wayne Dyer called Wishes Fulfilled that I had been wanting to watch. Firstly if you do not know who Wayne Dyer is Youtube him, watch any of his videos… If you are feeling short of inspiration, he’s your man. He always does it for me, always brings a positive spin on life and really does keep me on this natural hip hip happy high!!!

This is an old story but a good one that really proves that if you put it out to the Universe, anything is possible as we really do have the ability to choose our reality. The good ol’ Law of Attraction. I was initially introduced to this theory by the “The Secret” movie. It is super cheesy and it definitely has not been nominated for Best Picture but it gets the lesson across. Wishes Fulfilled explains the Law of Attraction concept but a lot better, clear and it’s Wayne Dyer COME ON! (You’ll get it once you sit through one of his videos – he really knows how to toddle my fancy.) The one thing with this Law of Attraction business is that it’s not easy and requires work on a daily basis, well more like hourly basis or minutely (that doesn’t sound like a real world ) basis. You got to wake up with an intention, believe in that intention, act as though it exists, be grateful for it and so on and so forth.

Back to my story, nine years ago I had a dream. I wanted to become a model. Like really really wanted to be a model. Now being from a small city like Winnipeg moving to Toronto seemed like the most logic place to do it. Now when I told my parents who have always been very supportive in my life, they were a bit taken aback. Their one and only little girl wanted to move and pursue a not so indian dream. It was hard to swallow at first, but as always they supported me. First on the list was finding an agency that would put me on their roster. We flew to Toronto, rented a hotel downtown, rented a car and went from one agency to another to another. Some were interested, some weren’t, some had girls similar to me already, some I didn’t fit the requirements. It was not easy. One minute I’m on cloud 9 the next was pure frustration. Then it happened. My dad was driving, I was sitting in the passenger seat and my mom was at the back. We had the AC blasting, we were all exhausted and ready to call it a day. We pulled up at the lights on Yonge and Queen St. We were facing The Bay, there was a massive poster of Naomi Campbell on the side of the building and with all my frustration I pointed at her poster and said I just want to be up there one day. Is that too much to ask?!?! If I do that, I’ll know I accomplished my dream. Then as always my parents said their encouraging words, reminded me how much they believed in me and that whatever decision I chose to make after this trip they would support me. We came back to Winnipeg, I had two agencies that were interested in me. The decision was mine. Everything moved really quickly after that, since I was considered “older” for the industry (I was twenty one) my window of opportunity was small. We jumped on it quick. Thank God for my parents, I moved to Toronto shortly after with their help. I hustled. I took any jobs the agency would get me, some paid, some not. I did some creatives, Toronto Fashion Week, editorials, novel covers, TV commercials, print and a fun Dentyne Ad. I was living my dream. I loved it.

Then I got a call from my agent, I was booked for a photo shoot with The Bay. There was a new campaign starting called ” World Party” and it was only going to be a picture of my eyes. Easy Breezy. I went in and did my thing. A couple weeks pass and my agent called to see if I had seen it yet, I had not. All he said was they decided on using an entire face shot instead of the eyes and to go to Yonge and Queen. I convinced a friend to take me that night, as we turned the corner I saw it! My dream had come true, the Universe listened! I was in the exact place I wanted to be. LITERALLY!! I cried like a baby! I couldn’t believe it! That’s when I knew that if I put my mind to ANYTHING, I could do it. Sometimes it could take a while, but I really can happen!!

That was an extremely long story, but honestly when I feel like I’m in a rut or things aren’t going my way I remind myself of that story. With a new chapter starting in my life, I have new dreams. Big ones! They aren’t easy ones either, but Excuse me Miss Universe, if you are listening… This sista means business!!! I know I’ll have to hustle, but I’m up for the challenge. Sooo look out world, big things are on their way for me!!! I can’t wait!!!

If we say it out loud, strong enough and truly mean it with every bone in our body, it will happen. It’s the Law of Attraction!

See what my dear friend Wayne Dyer sparked! Ring in your Spring with some positivity and motivation!!! Set your intentions today and remind yourself every morning and live as though it were real or on the verge of happening, because it will.

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo







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Horrible Scary Needles!

Yesterday was a hard one. It was Angelina’s two month appointment to get her very scary needles. Now I am horrifically scared of needles, so the fact that my mini me would have to get them hurt my heart. Like really hurt my heart. I woke up in the morning feeling uneasy and just blah. I made Dad take the day off work for this day because I was unsure how I would handle it come the actual time. I know I sound dramatic but let me share some terror stories with you. You know in junior high and high school when you need to get the random flu shots, I would have to go after school so my father would come with. I refused to go without him. Another example you may ask, there was an unfortunate incident where my mother ended up in the Emergency Room, my father went to speak to the doctor and left me alone in the room with her. A nurse came to draw her blood, I saw the needle being put into my mom and that is all I remember… I woke up on a bed in Emergency myself. See its bad, I told you so.

When I spoke to some other new moms prior to Angies appointment, they all said they had to leave the room because they couldn’t see their child going through the pain. My mind was set that I would do the same. But then I had a thought… This is the first horrible, scary and painful experience that my child is going through and I’m planning to just leave her and wait in another room? I know that sounds super dramatic, but this is what happens when I start over thinking things. I’m her mother, i’m suppose to be by her side for everything, holding her hand, telling her that it will always be okay. I couldn’t leave.

Here’s what happened. Well firstly, I texted Daddy the picture below, hoping he would say… No problem Angie we won’t go. We will magically give you the needle another way and time that and you will never feel any pain. It obviously didn’t work, but he felt really really bad. So we got there, she was weighed and measured. (Angie is now 24 inches tall and is weighs 11lbs 12oz. #winning) Then we waited and waited and waited… It felt like an eternity! Thank God Dad was there, he was keeping me sane. As I paced the room, Dad held Angelina on his chest and kept her calm. Then the moment came the nurse came into the room. I saw the MASSIVE needles, no way I was leaving her! The nurse recommended we held her as it is more comforting for the child as she rammed TWO needles into our little tiny baby! I jumped picking her up, I held her tight! I looked down at the top of her head and just kept kissing her and I started sweating like a mad woman. My eyes started getting watery, I know… Super dramatic! But like Daddy said, it has to be done… I still wanted to take Angie and run for the door! Then I saw the needle coming, Dad looked at Angie in her eyes as I squeezed her tight and looked away. All I could hear him saying “its okay Angie, your doing good, you’re such a good girl, we love you so much” I just kept trying to push through the tears. She screamed… Then stopped and screamed again… Longer and louder. The crying lasted about 5 mins or so and she was okay. I’m dramatic, I know.

Other then being a little cranky at night, which she definitely has the right to be… Poor girl. She just wanted a lot of cuddle time. She needed extra extra love and affection. With one small dose of Tempra she was good to go. My Angel is A-OK! We will be doing round two in two months. Buh bye for now evil needles. Angie showed you!!!

I hear crying, time to feed friends. Until next time.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo





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Be the Type of Person You Follow on Instagram


Be the type of person you want to meet – said someone really smart, who knew what they were talking about and felt it deep within their soul.

The other day Hubba Bubba and I took our princess to the mall. We thought it would be nice to go for a stroll and maybe do some wardrobe updating for me while we were at it. To our surprise, we walked into a treat… It was basically a mini hands on zoo. They had massive turtles, alligators, anacondas, house hippos, OH NELLY I could go on. The best about this is you were able to hold them. Right away hubbalicious jumped on holding the alligator, even with his mouth closed shut I was trembling at the thought. The house hippo was easy breezy to hold, it was basically like a slimy puppy, then from the corner of my eye I saw this massive snake… With my stroller I RAN, incase she lost control and came my way. Then I found myself staring, no matter what corner I was in for some reason I was drawn to this beautiful animal. Now if you know me, a snake is something that would scare the living day lights out of me, but for some odd reason she wasn’t doing that. Then something in my head told me, if everyone else can do it, why can’t I? I had this quick brief moment when I started thinking, the older I’m getting the less gutsier I am. I used to love challenging myself and doing things people would never expect me to do, what happened? At that moment I chose to flick a switch, NO MORE. I looked at Hubba and said “I want to hold the snake'” he looked shocked, THAT LOOK! That’s what I was looking for, WOOHOO so easily!

That moment is when I realized how easy it is to change my mind set and how people view me. HECK I held a snake… A big one, even as it took its tail and started wrapping its way around my leg, I was calm. She was beautiful, that’s all I saw.


When did I stop challenging myself? If you remember from my last blog, I mentioned that I am a raw/vegan wannabe. I follow people living this lifestyle on a daily basis on Instagram and on different blogs, I’m obsessed… I can see myself being like that. I want to be like that. But whats stopping me from giving it a chance? I have absolutely no clue, that’s sad. Challenge accepted!!! That night as I was lying in bed, I decided its time. I made myself an achievable goal, but still a hard one. Eat as many fruits and vegetables for one whole week straight, no meat, no cheating, no processed food, no sugar, no nothing bad for me that doesn’t serve my body it’s highest good. Paired with at least 2L of water. The goal is not to loose weight (hey if I do, BONUS) but to start feeling amazing and do something i’ve been wanting to try forever. No more limitations. Day 1 complete, on to Day 2!

Goal: I want to be the type of person I want to meet, or in this day and age, be the type of person you follow on Instagram.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo







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37 Weeks

Well well well hello there friends.

We are now at 37 weeks, basically Bam Bam can come at any moment now. For all we know I could be having contractions as you are reading this.  I am apparently considered to of carried full term and all of Bam Bam’s organs have fully developed.  Oh and before I forget to mention, I am officially on Maternity leave.  HOORAY!  Great timing because this week is kind of a hard one, I am pooped! For some reason I wake up early every day.  Now when I say early, we’re talking between 5:00am and 7:00am automatically.  No alarm… I guess my body is getting ready for waking up at all hours of the night.  My body is preparing me for motherhood… I guess?

My mind is officially running a 100 miles an hour.  I’m trying not to worry or stress about anything, but I think its second nature when you are this close.  For the most part, it has been an amazing experience for me.  I haven’t let anyone’s horrible birthing stories get to me and I have kept pretty positive.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times where Daddy-to-be has had to chime in and give me a WOOSAHH moment to get me centered again.  But its all gravy and daisy’s.  While I am on the subject, to all moms out there, I don’t know if you remember being at this stage in your pregnancy, but if you don’t have a beautiful birthing story or an encouraging birthing story please don’t bother sharing it.  How in any way do you think that it is helpful to the preggo momma staring straight at you? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  Do you think that’s where that saying originated from? Geez Louise!

With all that being said, this week has been a somewhat relaxing one, I had full intentions of cleaning the house, getting things ready… but its been more making healthyness and sleeping.  For our Anniversary, hubbalicious got me a Vitamix, so I have been using that for everything! If you haven’t watched the demo for it at Costco or on the shopping network, let me tell you… you are missing out! Honestly, it is magical!  It can be used to make ice cream or something completely opposite like soup.  To the point where there is steam coming out of the blender when it is complete! Come on!! It has been my saving grace, and with it being easy breezy to clean, it has given me plenty of time to sleep.  Any time during the day I see a shut eye opportunity, I am knocked out.

So stay tuned ladies and gentleman… I am due the first week of January but the belly is beginning to drop.  Don’t know if it will be a 2013 or 2014 baby! Or Bam Bam very well could be the first baby born of the year or a Christmas Miracle.  I’ll keep you updated!!!

Now i’m off to my Midwife appointment! TATA!

Happy Hump Day!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

sleeping smoothie

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Modern Mama


I had the privilege of attending my very first Modern Mama event yesterday afternoon.  The closer I get to “the day” the more it begins to hit me that I am going to be a Mother very soon.  All the women that attended were either pregnant or had just been blessed with little angels.  I couldn’t help but picture myself while looking at the other mothers, thinking Yowsers that’s going to be me soon, am I ready?

Too be honest, I didn’t know what to expect when heading over to my Modern Mama brunch, but I was just excited to hang out with like minded women, drinking tea, sharing stories about our pregnancies, getting tips and ideas… you know the regular.  Well well well, let me tell you it was definitely that and a lot more.  With a lot of pregnant women, we put all our thoughts on getting through the pregnancy and don’t pay much attention to the after part.  And yesterday definitely opened my eyes, I need to realize there’s a lot more I need to start thinking about. You know, bringing the baby home, breast feeding, dealing with family and friends, sleeping habits, our babies sleeping habits, eating, etc.  I could keep going!  You think it would’ve made me uber stressed out, but it actually calmed me down.  Got me thinking for sure, but in the 4 hours that I was there I think it actually prepared me.  Ohhh hayyyyyy, just call me Super Mom… or am I getting a little ahead of myself?! LOL!  Some presenters appealed to me more than others for sure.  Specifically the Homeopathic Doctor and Lactation Counsellor, Taya Griffin and a very down to earth Doula Heather Jones from Bebo Mia.  Both came equipped with Baby in tow as they talk to us about their expertise and really truly opened my eyes that there are so many options once Bam Bam is here.  I didn’t even know that there was such a thing as a Lactation Counsellor, did you?!?!

The Owner of Modern Mama, Isabel Lopez Starck is a new mother herself.  She’s really filled a gap for women.  Since she’s been there, done that and still doing it; she simply just gets it.  Sometimes its good to get difference of opinions, our family and friends don’t always have the answers and aren’t up to date on what services are available and what’s new out there. Why not get a group of women together and talk about it? It’s genius.  The swag bags and door prizes are a great bonus!  I ended up leaving with a car seat!  Can you believe it?!?  I couldn’t.  I think I’m still shocked and very very grateful!

So if you are expecting or just had a little bundle of joy I recommend joining the Modern Mama Midtown Toronto group on Facebook and try an event.  I promise you, you’ll leave feeling fabulous and more prepared.  I know it sounds a little cray cray, but it worked for me and I thought I was pretty darn prepared.

Oh and did I mention, each Mama got to do a mini photo shoot where you get a free 5 x 7 picture of yourselves and your belly from Umla Photography!!!  Hello!!!!!  So fun!

Motto of the day:  Treat youself! We all deserve it!

Happy Sunday love bugs.

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo


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