DIY: Fish Tail Braid

Kay peeps, i’ve been getting a lot of people sending me emails on how to do this fabulous BUT easy braid.  I found the perfect video! Enjoy!

My first fish tail braid!

Everytime I watch Fashion Television I always see the run way girls working it with these doozie braids that look nothing like the ones from elementary school. After some homework I manage to find the “how to” for fish tail braids!!! Check it out… Not perfect, but with time it will be!!! Brah Brah!!!!

Chapeaux off to you!

Michelle and I headed over to the Eaton Centre for our lunch break and I fell head over heels for this hat at Big it Up ! Yes, I know it looks a little intense but for the three minutes I was standing in the store wearing it boy oh boy did it get attention.  And…

Blue Bows

I had to stop this ultra fabulous woman in the mall and take a picture of her TDF (to die for) shoes! LOVE!!!!

#sohollywood coz no woman that wears fake eyelashes to work should go unpublished! #sohollywood

Star Wars, Collages and Jammin’

This weekend my girl and I headed over to Crawford for some drinkity drink drinks and dancity dance dance!  As it is a completely different scene then we are use to; it was nice to jam to some funk, hip hop, rap, r&b and a tease of dancehall.  People were dressed head to toe in…

Haute Couture vs. Wallpaper

Who would of guessed that my top from four years ago would be a hit today! Some say it looks very “au couture,” while others compared it to a vintage boudoir sofa or even club/hotel wallpaper… Any way I love the attention it’s getting.