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Built to Perfection


I always knew it but now I finally really truly understand it. Being a mom. It is really hard work. That’s actually an understatement if you ask me though. We’ve all heard the saying that being a mom is a full time job, it was always just a phrase to me until this year.

There has never been a Mothers Day that has passed where I haven’t counted my blessings for having such a inspirational Mother. But this year is different. I am now actually starting to really get everything she did for me. All the sacrifices she made, all the sleepless nights she had, the worry and all the stress. And with all of that on her mind, she never let me see nothing but pure joy and happiness.

Angelina is now officially begun teething and it is not easy to see your baby go through never ending frustration. It started as cute biting on her fingers, to now stuffing her entire fist in her mouth. Which usually makes her gag. But obviously it must be relieving some sort of pain. With endless amounts of spit dripping off her face at all times. Yes, we do use the teething rings, teething toys anything to get her mind off of it… She’s not crying at all or seeming too frustrated, it’s just become second nature to put her hands in her mouth. I know the teeth are coming. Can’t feel nothing yet, but they are on the way. So begins the next chapter in the Book of Angelina.

It’s crazy how your life changes. I went from worrying about such silly things to my poor baby growing sharp things in her gums. And this is just the beginning. Time is just flying by us!

Then my first Mothers Day came and it was amazing!!! My husband went above and beyond to make the day extra special. (Pictures below) Mothers Day is now such a different day. It is hard to explain in words. I’m not one to celebrate birthdays and all that shabang but I am definitely all for Mothers Day. I’m not too sure if all of them will feel like this but this year I couldn’t help but think of everything my Mom has done for me. Thirty years ago raising a child while juggling work, life, bills could not of been easy. But she is a selfless, super strong woman who did everything she possibly could to make my life as perfect as it was. I don’t remember a single day where I didn’t feel complete and absolute love from my parents.

So I very well may only be in the beginning of the Book of Angelina (the growing of teeth to be exact), but I am trying everything in my power to be as perfect as my Mother. Replicate everything she did for me. Giving Angelina everything I had and more. But here’s the catch… It’s nothing money can buy. It’s beyond that. It’s everything but materialistic. It’s something deep within us. Being constantly on every day, every hour and every second. There is no on and off switch and crazy as it sounds even if there was and with all the crying and “bad days” I don’t think I would ever use it because there is no where else I would rather be. I am exactly where I am suppose to be right now and I love it!

So here’s to all the Moms out there, we are all one of a kind. Built to perfection. Let no one ever let us think otherwise. There is no one on this Earth that can be to our children what we are to them. That is the ultimate gift!

Heart, star.
Parita xoxo

P.S If anyone has any teething tips, please share!!!







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37 Weeks

Well well well hello there friends.

We are now at 37 weeks, basically Bam Bam can come at any moment now. For all we know I could be having contractions as you are reading this.  I am apparently considered to of carried full term and all of Bam Bam’s organs have fully developed.  Oh and before I forget to mention, I am officially on Maternity leave.  HOORAY!  Great timing because this week is kind of a hard one, I am pooped! For some reason I wake up early every day.  Now when I say early, we’re talking between 5:00am and 7:00am automatically.  No alarm… I guess my body is getting ready for waking up at all hours of the night.  My body is preparing me for motherhood… I guess?

My mind is officially running a 100 miles an hour.  I’m trying not to worry or stress about anything, but I think its second nature when you are this close.  For the most part, it has been an amazing experience for me.  I haven’t let anyone’s horrible birthing stories get to me and I have kept pretty positive.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times where Daddy-to-be has had to chime in and give me a WOOSAHH moment to get me centered again.  But its all gravy and daisy’s.  While I am on the subject, to all moms out there, I don’t know if you remember being at this stage in your pregnancy, but if you don’t have a beautiful birthing story or an encouraging birthing story please don’t bother sharing it.  How in any way do you think that it is helpful to the preggo momma staring straight at you? If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.  Do you think that’s where that saying originated from? Geez Louise!

With all that being said, this week has been a somewhat relaxing one, I had full intentions of cleaning the house, getting things ready… but its been more making healthyness and sleeping.  For our Anniversary, hubbalicious got me a Vitamix, so I have been using that for everything! If you haven’t watched the demo for it at Costco or on the shopping network, let me tell you… you are missing out! Honestly, it is magical!  It can be used to make ice cream or something completely opposite like soup.  To the point where there is steam coming out of the blender when it is complete! Come on!! It has been my saving grace, and with it being easy breezy to clean, it has given me plenty of time to sleep.  Any time during the day I see a shut eye opportunity, I am knocked out.

So stay tuned ladies and gentleman… I am due the first week of January but the belly is beginning to drop.  Don’t know if it will be a 2013 or 2014 baby! Or Bam Bam very well could be the first baby born of the year or a Christmas Miracle.  I’ll keep you updated!!!

Now i’m off to my Midwife appointment! TATA!

Happy Hump Day!

Heart, star.

Parita xoxo

sleeping smoothie

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Unconditional and Reading Rainbow! Sayyyy what!!!!!!!!!!

With the weekend around the corner and it getting chilly manilly out there, it is definitely getting to that time of year.  You know that time where you get to snuggle into your comfy sofa and get your movie watching on.  I’m definitely not a fan of the cold weather, but I do love all the catching up on t.v shows and movies I get to do with the fireplace crackling and sipping on some non-alcoholic wine!  Oh baby, how times change ohhh so quickly!

 The other day hubster put on Unconditional.  We had both never heard of it before, it was released last year, inspired by true events and the trailer sold us. Let me tell you, it was a good one.  It’s a feel good movie that is bound to give you that lump in the back of your throat and maybe even some trickling tears on your cheeks.  Best part, my husband doesn’t usually love those kind of movies, but at the end… even he said “WOOOWWWWW, DO I KNOW HOW TO PICK EM’ OR WHAT?”

Amy Parker is one of the characters in the movie.  I loved her story and in the movie she had written a children’s book called Firebird.  I had to obviously Google it after to see if this existed. Now with the power of the internet one thing led to another that led to another and I ended up on Amazon reading reviews on ALLLL her children’s books.  (The American Amazon of course, since the Canadian one barely has any reviews!)  And you will never believe what two books I came across!!  Thank You God for Mommy and Thank You God for Daddy!  How cute is that?!?!?!  Of course I ordered it right away and now I read to my belly every night before I go to sleep.  They are so well written and cute and make you feel warm and tingly inside.  So if you are pregnant, have children, or know someone expecting children… these  two books would be amazing gifts!  I’ve even read it with my parents during FaceTime!  Come on!!!!

So if you were looking for a gift idea, job done!

One more time, looking for a movie to watch: Unconditional – hands done. It won’t disappoint!

Gift idea for anyone where there is a baby/young child involved – Thank You God for Mommy and Thank You God for Daddy by Amy Parker.  You will definitely make the Momma cry and maybe even the Poppa.

Until the next episode of Reading Rainbow!!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! I kill myself sometimes!  You really don’t know how much that just made me laugh!  Wait for it… But you don’t have to take my word for it!!!!

Heart, star.

I love you all dearly!
reading rainbow Unconditional_Press_Poster
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Are Fanny Packs Back?

Fanny Packs are one of those things that have been coming in and out of style for years.  The other day I was doing some vintage shopping or consignment shopping (makes it sound so much more fancy shmancy) and came across a gold ohhh hayyyyyyyy fanny pack.  I stood there and pondered for sometime, staring, imagining different outfits, thinking to myself “how would Carrie Bradshaw rock this?”  I was on the fence, climbed almost over them jumped back again.  I couldn’t help but think of an ugh man with a gross beer belly strapping it on… so I thought homework may be required.

After the pictures below… I think its pretty obvious which way I’ll be swaying.  I like the sexy, just draped on my hip, oh hay its just my fanny look.  Still don’t think the gold is for me, but I definitely think i’ll be getting me some hip swagga asapa-sapa!


Heart, star.

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How to make a POM POM

Because we should all make at least a couple of pom poms in our life time.  The diagram below is using a fork, although I used a spatula.  Smart attack I tell ya!  So if anyone were to ask what I’m doing right now, I would reply with “ohhhhh just throwing about my pom pom”  LOOK OUT!

Heart, star.




Got lucky with Luxy!

We gave our Shamlee a little pre-birthday party yesterday at Luxy. Who would of guessed that Woodbridge has clubs with une fabulouso music and entertaining people… Enjoy Round 2 Shama!!!

And remember Shama, your no Llama you’re a hot mama!!!!


Friendly Reminder – World Happy Day is almost here! What have you done so far?!?!

I have re-posted my old blog below to tickle your minds about what is fast approaching!  ONLY 11 DAYS LEFT!

I have just learnt that February 11th is World Happy Day!!!! This day is officially my favorite day of the year! It really can’t get any better than this. Now the key is to spread the news and spread it fast. Below are some more pictures from the wedding really portraying me and my family ridiculously happy, now what if every day could really be like that?

I have chosen to put a challenge out to myself and anyone out there that wants to join to countdown the days to World Happy Day by doing a nice deed for one complete stranger every day. That means we have 13 days of niceness, kindness, basically just making someone happy dappy go lucky just because!!!! It could be as simple as buying a coffee for the next person in line at Tim Hortons; hoping that they pay it forward as well, having a conversation with a complete stranger in the elevator, buying a meal for someone not as fortunate as us, complimenting someone on their smile (sounds cheesy I know and it won’t be creepy as long as guys don’t try to turn it into a pick up line!), anyway you get my point! Do something nice and you will feel fantabulous and you will definitely change someones day too!!!!!!!

Check out the link to HAPPY, it is the winner of numerous awards and is the latest film from Academy Award® nominated director Roko Belic.

SMILE and please please please pretty please spread the word!!!

HAPPY TRAILER from Wadi Rum Films on Vimeo.

We’re here!!!

Hi Niagara,

We’re here!!!!!!  After leaving work early, a couple of pit stops later… checking the oil, filling up the wind shield wiper fluid, creating a playlist and lots of dancing, singing off the tops of our lungs and irritating eachother in the most “cutest” way possible we have made it safe and sound! 

Let the night begin!!!!


Spilt milk…

So I know the original saying goes… “don’t cry over spilt milk” but what if its detergent?!?! #ughhh