Bollywood Madness

Friday as I was walking home from work I saw a crowd of indian people outside Elgin Theatre on Yonge St. With me being me I had to ask what was going on to a stander byer (made up word again) and to my surprise Shahid Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra were coming for their premier!…

I love my life!

This song has been my happy song for the last little bit! Feelin’ in the dumps, put this bad boy on. Feeling hyper, play this Deejay! Great mix of happiness and dancehall! Ahh… I love my life. Heart, star.  

Fingerstache Time!

WOOHOOO the weekend is a hop skip and a little jump away!  No weekend is complete without a bit of fingerstache!  I found these temporary tattoos at Urban Ourfitters for $10 and I thought STEAL!  19 TATS, yehaaa! I’ll be fishing with my fingerstache at the cottage this weekend. Inside joke between me and the…


  While riding on the train to work this morning, I felt some espanol inspiration! I have these days where I just feel it in my bones and can’t help myself and just need to get my train dance (small, kind of discrete little dance movements) on. And today was one of those days ladies…

Perfectly Unfinished – Album Release Party

Good morning Party Peeps! This weekend big tings will be happening!!! I met Sanj’na a couple years back while getting our dance on and I still remember my initial thoughts… this girl is beautiful, she’s got style, killer personality and she can jam! BRUP BRUP! Sanj’na took her talent to the next level and will be hosting…

New Rihanna VIDEO – Where have you been

Finally RiRi’s new video is out! I watched some of the teasers and was so excited to see the dance routines in another sexay number.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE how she incorporates legit dancehall moves in all her videos.  Always keepin’ it real! Dance party tonight anyone?  We got new material! Heart, star.

Ahh lazy Sundays!

Today was def a perfect Sunday!  It was filled with a lot of sitting, laying down, eating, watching movies and TV, playing in the back yard, singing, Khloe and Lam Lam and being silly with my favorite billy! I’m obsessed with Viddy!!! Now time to shower… first time today. 🙂 Ahh Sundays! Heart, star.

My First Spliced Video!

Splicing it up!!! Yup, just downloaded an app on my iphone called Splice that gives you a quick tutorial on how to make easy and fun videos!  Oh nelly I think I may of found trouble!!! Heart, star.